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After loosing 4 stones, I have now played around for a few weeks gaining and loosing again :( Sooooo tomoroow is a new day and I am now aiming to try and shift another half a stone before Xmas. I have some hurdles ( a christmas party EVERY weekend until Dec 20th) so will aim to SS Mon- Fri; I know this is not ideal but suppose I have to make it work for me. Anyone else think this is a good plan or should I just try to eat sensibley till xmas?
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Hi GHDGIRL are you planning on drinking at the parties? If you are I would say you are better off eating sensibley, I have read a thread that said consuming booze whilst in ketosis can be very dangerous.


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hey ghd, what did you decide?
i too have some hurdles between now and xmas but will try to do ss in between...
good luck x


I always found that i could pop out of diet for an event then back in next day. Takes willpower but I always had it clear in my head that the next day was straight back on diet. That way I didn't resent the diet. The scales adjusted quickly as long as you keep the water going. A lot of people do struggle with that though - needs to be all or nothing. It has to be what is best for you .....


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I've got quite a lot coming up from now til Christmas. This saturday we are all day at a wedding and then travelling to a big family lunch on sunday. We've got a few parties lined up too. I plan to SS as much as i can through the week, light meal Friday, take it easy over the social event and get back into it on the Sunday again glugging litre after litre of water. In theory it sounds okay and to my mind SSing is damage limitation for the carb etc intake. Looks like i will be losing and gaining the same 2 or 3lbs from now til Boxing day!