Extra Easy Back to SW... and this time I'll not fall off the wagon


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So, after one week back on Slimming World it's the big weigh in tonight! Lost 3st last year, got a bit cocky and arrogant and thought to myself 'I don't need to go to the classes and get weighed... I know how to do it'... big, big mistake!

It's January 2013, the 3st has returned (plus a bit more :mad:), I'm not getting any younger, finding it hard to find clothes that fit and one of my brothers is getting married mid March, so I'm very much back on the wagon and determined to stay there and not be the fat one at the wedding (or be a fat dad anymore!)

Didn't realise how important the weekly weigh in was... you need that motivation every week and without it you lose track and slip into the bad ways.

Anyway, we'll see what's been lost this week tonight... (had a few wobbles as big family funeral with lots of bad food and slipped a bit!)
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Hey, I think many many people on here will understand where you are coming from including myself! Group is really important for that motivation, I hate that I can't go at the moment :( getting back as soon as I can.

Good luck for tonight and hope you get what you wish on the scales x

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Good luck for tonight. I did Slimming World at home and slipped back into old ways twice after substantial losses ( 3 - 4 stones). This time I am going to meetings. I have paid ahead so I am committed. I'm really hoping it will help me stay on track. Hope it works for you too. :)


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Group is so important. While I was a consultant I attended a seperate group so that I could have an evening that was about keeping me on track. As soon as I stopped the weight piled back on and I'm back to square one. Please don't beat yourself up over it - it happens to everyone, even those who are supposed to know better!!


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Thanks for all your messages folks - lost 6.5lb which I was really pleased about... onwards and downwards!! :D


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HI there
I know this thread is quite old but I have found myself in a similar position. After many years our SW consultant left and we have had an area manager covering temporarily. Things just aren't the same and many have dropped out including myself. I was at target but can feel the weight slowly creeping back on and my grasp of the EE plan slipping away after losing three stone. Any suggestions?