Back to the Beach Body, 2014! New to SW, advice welcome :)


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Hi All,
So I started this Slimming world diet on Saturday, to get ready for the Beach in the summer! As I’m new I’m still getting my head around it so I though after looking at other diaries, maybe starting one may help..

I have dieted before, but on weightwatchers, I’m fed up of being restricted on what I can eat, e.g. having a limit of how many herbs and spices I can use in my cooking. So after whining all Christmas about how I feel like I’ve gain a stone since I lost a load of weight last year my Aunty recommended Slimming World, so here I am.. It turns out I haven’t got loads to lose, after my first initial weigh in it turns out I only put on half a stone since I gave up on weightwatchers in October last year… That helps a lot J but still got about 8/9/10 lbs I want to lose.

So here is my food since Saturday, and after looking at it again, It looks like I’ve ate loads? Can anyone tell me if this is too much? Am I being a little piggy or is this ok?
Any advice at all is welcome!! :)


Breakfast - None

Sauce – Chopped tomatoes (S), Herbs & Bay Leaf
Filling – Onion (S), Peppers (S), mushroom (S)
20g low fat cheese (HOA)
Salad – Lettuce (S), tomato (S), cucumber (S), onion (S)

Home Made Chips (HH)
Small Wholemeal tortilla – 5 Syns
BBQ chicken – Olive oil (HOB) & Herbs
Salad – Tomato (S), Cucumber (S), Lettuce (S), Onion (S)
10g low fat cheese – 1.5 Syns

Chocolate – 8.5 Syns

Total Syns – 15


2x Crustless brown bread (HOB)
Baked Beans (H) (SS) (F)
Scrambled Egg

Lunch - None

Poppadom – 4 Syns
Chicken Bhuna (Hairy dieters)
Onion (S), peppers (S), chopped tomatoes (S)
Herbs, ginger, garlic
Oil (1tbsp between 8 meals) – 1 Syn
Chicken Tikka Masalla (Hairy Dieters)
Onion (S)
Herbs, Rice, Ginger
Low Fat Yogurt (6 tbsp between 6 meals) – 0 Syns
1 tbsp Low fat Single Cream (between 6 meals) – 0 Syns
Sugar – (between 6 meals) – 1 syn

Chocolate (1 terry’s chocolate orange L) – 37 Syns
40g Low fat cheese (HOA)

Total Syns – 43


Alpen Light Double Chocolate (HOB)
Melon (SS)

Chicken Bhuna
Peppers (S), Onion (S), Chopped Tomatoes (S)
Herbs, Garlic, ginger
Salad – Tomato (S), Lettuce (S), Cucumber (S), Onion (S)

2x Jacket Potatoes (HH)
Salad - Tomato (S), Lettuce (S), Cucumber (S), Onion (S)
Baked Beans (H) (SS) (F)
40g Low Fat cheese (HOA)
Philli Light with chives – 2 Syns

Marrinated Chicken
Chocolate – 8 Syns
Melon (SS)

Total Syns – 10

Alpen Light Double Chocolate (HOB)
Pineapple (S) & Mango

Super Low Fat Super Noodles
Salad – Lettuce (S), Tomato (S), Cucumber (S)
Flump – 1.5 Syns

3 rashers bacon (all fat removed)
2 Light Choice Sausages – 2 Syns
Baked Beans (SS) (H) (F)
1 Fried egg (no oil used)
Pototo hash (spray oil used) (HH)
Mushrooms (S), Onions (S)

Ice Cream Sundae
Strawberry (SS), Grape, Blackberries (F) (SS)
Sugar Free Jelly – 0.5 Syns
Low Fat Ice Cream – 6 Syns
3 Tbsp Low Fat Squirty Cream – 1 Syn
Orange (S), Apple (S)
40g Low fat cheese (HOA)

Total Syns – 11


Alpen Light Double Chocolate (HOB)
Pineapple (S)

Potato (HH)
Baked Beans (F) (SS) (H)
Salad – Lettuce (S), tomato (S), cucumber (S)
40g low fat cheese (HOA)
No Sugar Jelly – 0.5 Syns

Three colour Carbonara
Bacon (1 rasher with all fat off)
Cabbage (S), Tomato (S), Peas, Mushrooms (S)
1 Egg Yolk
Philli Light cheese with chives – 2 Syns
2x slices of ham
2 scoops of low fat icecream – 6 Syns
Low fat squirty cream – 1 Syns
1 pot of sugar free jelly – 0.5 Syns
Strawberries (SS)

Total Syns – 10 Syns


Pineapple (S), 2 small nectarines (S)

Ham and Egg Salad
- Lettuce (S), Tomato (S), Cucumber (S)
Mugshot –tomato & herb
Flump – 1.5 Syns

Fancying some gammon/sausage, egg and SW chips

Probably a muller light yogurt, maybe a small piece of chocolate?

Total Syns – to be confirmed.

So yesterday went alot different than i imagined in regards to food. The stupid BF requested that we had a take away, and suggested a Chippy. I couldnt resisit!
I did however, make some SW chips in the airfryer and only have chicken meat and salad from the chippy. (first time i've resisted chips from the chippy, ever! So mini goal for me :D)

I also was very good and only had 1 piece of chocolate even though the BF was eating it infront of me and the smell just kept coming to me.. and it was only a small wispa bite (again another mini goal for me :D)

So my food diary for yesterday actually went like this:


Pineapple (S), 3 small nectarines (S)

Ham, Low fat cheese (HOA) and Egg Salad
- Lettuce (S), Tomato (S), Cucumber (S)
Mugshot –tomato & herb
Flump – 1.5 Syns

SW Chips
3/4 (maybe even less) of a SMALL Chicken Meat from Chippy - 9 Syns
Salad - lettuce, onion, cucumber and tomato

1 wispa bite - 2 Syns (not sure of exact syns so putting 2 as a guess)

Total Syns: 12.5 Syns

Not too bad, but tomorrow i cant really have any Syns because i ate that chocolate orange (Big mistake :() but it was nice at the time..

I still feel like im eating too much.. After speak to somebody who has done this diet before, apparently this is how you're meant to feel, and everybody who she knows who has done it felt the same? Maybe i am doing it right?


Probably a muller light yogurt, maybe a small piece of chocolate?
Today, i am determined to be good! I want to loose atleast 1lb this week, so no naughties for me today!

my food diary for today is:

2 crustless brown bread (small) - (HOB)
baked beans and a poached egg

mug shot - tomato and herb
1 orange (not sure what type)

Something with no syns, will try to add HOA into it..
Maybe Pasta or something?

None so far, but trying to limit myself to only 5 today, so may save it for a piece of tolberone or a couple of malteasers later..
So dinner tonight was disgusting, that smash pizza? Yuk! It was gross.. So in the end I just ate the topping, but trying to to use syns so I'm going to bed before I eat my last stash of Christmas chocolate..

Weigh in is tomorrow, I get to see the damage, so nervous. I feel like I've ate loads and going to put on weight..

Smash pizza - smash, 20g low-fat cheddar (HOA), 20g lowfat mozzarella (HOA), passata sauce, onion, red onion, mushroom and peppers.

Syns - 1 white mouse - 2 syns
- 1 popping candy pudding chocolate bite - 2 syns

So my weigh in was on Saturday, and considering i had ate alot, i lost 1 & 1/2 lbs, YAY :) not as impressive as i was hoping but im happy with that.. this week i want to do the same, then i will be right on tract to have lost alot of the required weight..

Saturday i was craving food! but i decided to leave the house instead of eating and it worked aha! I also went out on the night, and was very good, only had 4 drinks :). I even cooked some rice and chicken before i left, so that when i got back i could have a free midnight feast rather than the synfull cheesy chips from the pizza/kabab shop on the way home..


Breakfast - 1 light choice sausage (1 syn), baked beans, 1 egg, 2 pieces of no fat bacon, mushrooms
Total - 1 syn

Lunch - Chicken, peppers, onion, mushroom, lettuce, seasoning, tortilla (6 syns), 40g low fat cheese (HOA), no syn salsa
Total - 6 syns & HOA

Dinner - Rice & seasoned Chicken
Total - 0 Syns

Snacks - 4 single archers and diet coke (12 syns), 2 popping candy (4 syns)
Total- 16 syns

Total Syns - 23

Not bad for a saturday night out! :)
Sunday was alot harder, i just wanted to eat and eat! I did walk for about half an hour, but i dont count walking as excercise so i need to go to the gym this week to burn some food off!

Today i ate:

Breakfast - x2 small brown bread (HOB) and 2 eggs
Total - HOB

Lunch - Mango & 1 shortbread biscuit (4.5 Syns)
Total - 4.5 Syns

Dinner - Mash Potato with butter and semi-skimmed milk (HOA), roast beef, parsnips, roast potato, peas, beans, carrots, cauliflour, 1 yorkshire (1 syn) and a tiny portion of gravy (1 syn)
Total - 2 Syns & HOA

Snacks - Luxury hot Chocolate (options HC 2 syns, 1 flump 1.5 syns, low fat squirty cream 0.5 syns, chocolate gratings 1 syns) -5 Syns

Total Syns - 11.5

Today i have night college so it is alot harder to diet, i do not get in untill 10pm and i've been out the house from 8am.. A very long day for me..

Today i am planning, hoping i will stick to it, on eating:

Breakfast - 1 double chocolate alpen bar (HOB)
Total - HOA

Lunch - Jacket potato with 40g low fat cheese (HOA), baked beans and salad (lettuce, tomato and cucumber), 1 flump (1.5 Syns)
Total - 1.5 Syns & HOA

Dinner - Egg noodles (dried), stir fry veg (large portion) and 1 tbsp of sweet chilli sauce (1 syn)
Total - 1 syn

Snacks - Apple, maybe a mugshot (if im hungry between work and college), if i have enough syns i'm going to have a lovely hot chocolate for my choccy fix!
Hey ACH, thanks for posting!
The butter was 1tsp of vialite (so it was soya) mixed into all of the potato, it was shared between 5 people so i think it works out to be 0.3 of a syn, so i didnt bother synnning it..

I didnt end up going to college, didnt feel too well and had to help my brother who'd broken his car! Still didnt get back home untill 7pm then revised until 10pm so didnt really benefit aha! Back on Wednesday :(.

I havent craved as much junk the past few days, i think the healthy food is starting to work aha!
Last night didnt go as plan, i had to take my brothers car back to the garage as it broke, again.. And didnt feel well so i had a night off college..
The only benefit of this is that i got to cook a different meal :) i had a really hungry day yesterday so i cooked something more substancial!

Yesterdays food diary was:

Breakfast - 2 double chocolate alpen bar (HOB)
Total - HOB

Lunch - Jacket potato with 40g low fat cheese (HOA), baked beans and salad (lettuce, tomato and cucumber), 1 flump (1.5 Syns)
Total - 1.5 Syns & HOA

Dinner - Hairy Dieters Low Cal Chicken Tikka Massalla with Syn Free Homemade onion bhajiees, boiled rice and 1 poppadom (4 Syns).
Total - 4 syns

Snacks - Apple, Hot chocolate (2 syns), flump (1.5 syns), 3tbsp squirty cream (1 syns) Total Syns: 4.5 Syns