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Back to where I was!


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The past few weeks have been quite manic and as a result SW went out of the window and I gained 3lbs. Got back on track last week and really chuffed this morning to see I've lost the 3lbs, so I'm back at my original weight before I fell off the SW wagon.

I was hoping to be target for my holiday (booked with Goldtrail of all companies, but managed to sort out another flight!) but I don't think that's going to happen. However, this time last year I weighed 13 stone and spent most of last year's holiday feeling totally self conscious and couldn't relax at all without feeling as if everyone was thinking 'ugh what an ugly fat thing she is'. This holiday is going to be totally different as I feel so much happier about myself and I'm starting to like my body - it's going to be the first time in about seven years I'll be wearing a bikini!
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Well done Sarah!! What a lovely feeling that must be!! It just shows how quickly we can get rid of a few pounds if we put them on quickly!! I'm chuffed for you that you nipped it in the bud, and I'm sure you'll feel fab on holiday (bad luck you booked with Goldtrail, but great that you changed your flights!) I feel better about my body, but still have some way to go so can't wait to also feel great in a bikini!!!X


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LOVE this post! You fell off the wagon but jumped back on and you sound soooooo positive about your upcoming hols. WELL DONE - you've done soooo well, you should be proud!
Well done for getting back on track :) and have a fab holiday.

3 stones is an amazing loss, you should feel super confident in your bikini :)


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Thank you for your lovely replies, getting a little bit emotional in front of my laptop now! Thanks to whoever gave me the rep point - being thought of as inspirational is very touching. The thought of my SW journey spurring others on has got me quite upset!

My new weight is very slowly starting to sink in - I went clothes shopping the other day, spotted a nice dress for my holidays and without thinking I went towards the back of the rail picked up a size 16 then realised what I did - I'm still taking size 16s and 14s into changing rooms just in case the size 12s stop fitting!

Thanks again to everyone on Minimins for your continued support, I couldn't be where I am now without this place as I don't go to group.

I wish everyone the very best in their own weightloss journey xxx
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Thanks to whoever gave me the rep point - being thought of as inspirational is very touching. The thought of my SW journey spurring others on has got me quite upset!
You're welcome my lovely. Its lovely to hear about someone who's come so far and sounding so positive! And i think anyone who manages to control their food demons and finally get to goal is an inspiration and it WILL spur on others to follow in your footsteps and get to their weight loss goals too. (((HUGS)))

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Awww thats a really lovely thing to be reading!
It just goes to show that even though sometimes we have a little hiccup, it can be sorted out again, so well done you!
I bet you will look fab in your bikini Hun!!

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