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Back to WW or stick with SW advice please

I have to admit thats why I couldnt stick with SW. Found it much more restrictive than WW and like you Im a fussy eater

Loads of people change from SW to WW (And vice versa lol)

The Propoints is just as flexible, the points are just worked out differently.... and if youre not going to classes theres nothing to stop you sticking to the Discover plan


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hi,:wave_cry: i'm doing ok on slimming world:) but find it very restricted as i'm a very fussy eater and i'm not eating out or having a choc because of it :cry:& starting to feel a little deprived,
are Pro points as flexi as the old point used to be?:rolleyes:
Is anyone else from SW to WW?
hey! I like both of you also tried sw... it would be pretty hard if you aren't a fan of a lot of the free food.

Weightwatchers is definitely the best for fussy people or ones with allergies/intolerances as there aren't any banned foods.

Propoints is basically the same, except the numbers work out differently, and you get fruit free on top of that. :)


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I too have done the old style WW, move to SW and lost nearly a stone, tried to go it alone, and have now re-joined WW and I am LOVING the new ProPoints.....its so much better than the old WW Points system (in my opinion). I am quite a fussy eater, but with the new Propoints its so easy and you still have quite a lot of points per day - im on 33 plus you get your weekly allowance of 49 so you can go out etc.....i think its great and everyone should give it a try!!!


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i vote for propoints too, much better than discover in my honest opinion :D
another vote for propoints here :D
I have done SW in the past and joined WW as my mum was doing it, but I have to say I find it better (only started on monday tho!) as I can eat whatever I want as long as I stay within my points and can have a blow out at weekend with the weekly points, which I plan to do on friday!x
I have too done SW and have come back to WW, I did love the fact you were free to eat pasta, pots and couscous freely as I am a big fan. I have found the new pp to be fab! It is a little like SW where fruit and veg are free, just the pasta, pot, rice cous cous and meat you need to weigh, but as with SW you only got 10 sins a day and had save them if you were going out or fancied a take-away, but with WW you get 49 to do this on top of your daily allowance to use as you please.
Good luck and hope it works out. Give it a try you never know!
I to have came from sw mostly for the reasons mentioned about sins
But also because im not the greatest cook and got sick of making from fresh
If you read some of the recipe stuff on sw board they girls can cook some fab stuff i could never do that
It depends i think what you like to snak on sw if they feel hungry they can have all the free food
But sometimes only choc or crisps will do that would be more ww im sometimes happy to spend a load of points on rubbish just depends
Sorry for the waffle and good luck whatever you decide x

thanks guys, think i'm gonna give it a go, i got a free registration & my local one is open on may day, so here goes,
once again thanks for all ur advice,x:D
I swapped from Sw to ww last night and have done 1 full day on the diet and I have to say I think I did the right thing, I was constantly grazing on so called free foods all day long and got very bored with it with pp I think u can flexibly use your points but make them count so u think more about what ur putting in your mouth
Hth x
I too have swapped over because im a fussy eater and hated not being able to eat out! I think "weeklies" are a fab idea!

With regards to being fussy - does anyone have any ideas on how to introduce things? I dont like fruit or veg - can eat tomatoes and onions in things and smooth soup and smoothies ... Also not a big fan of fish... I don't just want to lose weight - I want to eat healthy and not be embarrassed of being fussy! Xx
I have to say I fou d Sw meetings better than the ww ones but think thats just down to the consultant I didn't get to ask what I wanted at my wi on we'd at ww as my cons was very pre occupied and didn't appear to have much time but I wasn't to worried about that cos I knew I could cone on here and someone would know!
Should I be using some if not all of my weeklies? I was thinking if you don't have them then your body would get used to only having your dailies and if you had to pull back at some stage there's nothing to reduce if u don't have your weeklies of you know what I mean?
Will I still loose if I have my weeklies??
Good question! Something I wondered about! Someone said have half/ consultant said lose more if don't eat them?! I'm confused! Lol

Also I found my group a bit unfriendly! I'm sure they will get better :s x
It seems that different things work for different people. I know I lose more if I eat my weeklies and tbh, I don't want to feel deprived so I use them. I use at least half of them but keep back about 10 each week as a failsafe and I don't eat them in the 2 days prior to WI. I would say experiment and see what works for you. Don't be frightened of them though x


Overweight or undertall?!
the minimum amount of weeklies i have ever had is 40 and most weeks i use all 49. my daily amount is 29 so i need them! x
Thanks :) x

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