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Ok well not completely, but I like this board! because of all the issues I had with getting to my appointments with lipotrim and the hassles with having to refeed I stopped the lipotrim as you all know. So, I did atkins for a week and lost a grand total of....1lb :sigh:. i wasn't completely gutted, as i was kind of crossing my fingers not to put any on.

Well i have had a scoot round the internet and found out about W8. I know there is a board for it, but its not the same as here! The main thing with W8 is that I don't have to go physically to an appointment which makes a huge difference to me.

So, back on the TFR in a few days when it comes in the post, so I can rejoin you all (if you don't mind!) I know its not lipotrim, but this board is a fantastic support, the best (and I know coz i've seen the otherside of the fence!).

Oh its good to be home xxx
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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya chick!!! really good to have you back :)

Shame about atkins... But what is this W8??
Thanks *huge grin* Chelly its just another TFR like lipotrim, except you can chose different programmes. Its the same concept, same water, same (ish) shakes etc. It is a bit more expensive (£49) but I was spending up to that in bus fares to get to my advisor with lipotrim. You can chose whether to do it on the net or see a counsellor. Its gonna work out easier for me and my situation.

Huge hugs to you all, you have all been doing really well! xxx
I googled W8... Looks pretty good - looks like you actually eat food :)

Hope it works out well for you huni!
I googled W8... Looks pretty good - looks like you actually eat food :)

Hope it works out well for you huni!
I guess they are all pretty much the same really (except the price!)...it will be nice to get all excited once a week again. And really strange, even though its been only a week since I stopped the lipotrim, i'm still not actually hungry for food. The ammount I ate on atkins was really small :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Thats really good!!

Im going to google it soon too :)

Well done chick!! and its great that you can get it posted to you!! Saves with a lot of hassle :D


My husband = My hero
Ello my little love!!!

Welceom back, lovely to see u on here!! W8 sounds exciting ha im not going to look at it, cos im so fickle and will probly jack in lipo and join u!!

let us know how u get on with it when it comes!!

hows hubby and kids??



Getting thinner everyday!
How's it going?


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