bacon and egg breakfasts


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I have a full breakfast about 5 days a week
lean bacon , egg . sausage (syn free) beans and sometimes have french toast with my b choice .
You could make it better on plan with mushrooms and tomatoes but I dont really do fruit/veg

I find if I have full breakie in work I dont snack on rubbish :)


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Im on an EE day and just had bacon (fat removed) scrambled eggs, baked beans and fried mushrooms. Lovely and freeeee!


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You you could have it every day if you wanted and would likely still lose weight but variety in all things is key to successfull weight lose and then maintenance. Would you not eventually get fed up eating the same things all the time. When there is such a huge range of foods and meals at your disposal, why not take full advantage of them!


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I was having bacon and egg breakfasts at least 3 times a week but I soon got fed up of them, I hardly ever eat them now. I hope I get over that feeling because it's a quick and easy anytime meal.


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Also, when I was on the Atkins diet I was having bacon and eggs pretty much every morning for breakfast and it gave me the worst headaches.


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Living overseas i am unable to get all the foods you lot get LOL, so bacon and egg is an easy available option for me. having said that there is no bacon in town til the nxt ship arrives soemtime at the end of Jan. Luckily i have some in the freezer.
sending some sunshine x


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One of the women in the class I went to has a cooked breakfast every day and she's lost 3 1/2 stone.

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Likes Circes says variety is good! I have my 'full English' at the weekend and have boiled eggs and Ryvita and Marmite soldiers and magic porridge during the week x


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I have a cooked breakfast on Saturday's & Sunday's, but I usually have Mattesons Smoked Turkey Rashers, they are quite nice and defo no fat whatsoever.


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I have a cooked breakfast about once a week. I tend to have weetabix or banana on toast or something similar on the other days. (Nice and quick :)


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I have it most mornings because it always fills me up. Never affected my losses :) xx


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I love cooked breakfasts and find them so filling. I find it makes it easier to get through the day without snacking. The only problem is having to have them at the weekend only when I don't have to work. I know I have added nothing to the OP, but I just wanted to share!