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Bacon Sandwich


Fab & Fit For Florida
it's not me chick, OH is playing cricket on Sunday all day.. and last time he played 5-a-side footy he was screwed...

so he wants to eat a bacon sarnie to give him some energy... was speaking to cdc last night who said he needs shredded wheat etc. but OH is stubborn and wants to make the day a sort of treat day for him, he understands it will kick him out of ketosis but is prepared for that...
If he wants energy he needs something high carb really as it's slow releasing energy. If he's not up for anything 'healthy' try something made from potato perhaps?
When we went away for the weekend - my oh had bacon with eggs and mushrooms - on sunday morning he had ceasar salad with cheese, sauce and croutons on saturday, he even had a maccys plain burger and he had the cheek to loose 5lb that week when i lost 4 and ate nada.


Fab & Fit For Florida
kelly chicks he is gonna have the bacon sarnie no matter what i say... he's got his sights set on it... i mean, atleast he isn't doing it on a whim and he's planned it into a day he is gonna be exercising...

apparantly there may be sarnies afterwards too, so it's his day, just gonna let him do his thing and make sure he is straight back on track on the monday xxx
goolian - you are so right if theyre gonna do it theres no stoppin them - sayin that i did sulk when mine ate the burger but he didnt tell me my daughter let the cat out of the bag. i give in now its not worth it.

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