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Bad bad day


Silver Member
It's week two.

Last week was so easy by comparison that I thought I had this cracked.

Today I am struggling. I really really want to eat something.

On the other hand, I don't want to go onto SS+. I am afraid if I start eating I won't stop.

So much so that today, I have not eaten any packs at all.

I made the mistake of getting on the scales and I have lost NOTHING since last Thursday. How is that possible?! I have stuck to it 100%

I don't know what to do about the packs. Do I eat all three tonight? Do I draw a line under today and not have any?
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Going for Goal!
Hey Hun,

I hear you. However, not having your 3 shakes can make you unwell, especially if you aren't eating either.

SS+ really is great to have a little meal of some kind, and is nothing to worry about. I have done 2 ss+ weeks in the past and it helps fight away the needing to eat something.

Please have your shakes today.

If you haven't lost since thursday there could be a number of reasons, including water retention. But that evens itself out, believe me! Also, with CD - some days the scales don't move, then all of a sudden you see the figures drop. You must persevere.

Big Hugs, you are doing so well. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. If you can get through it, you'll be doing just fine angel :)

x x x x x x x x
if you dont have any packs your body will think its being starved and probably wont let you lose anything
just cause the scales havent moved doesn't mean you wont my cdc said i should look at the month as a whole rather than breaking it up if you stick to the plan you will lose just cause it's not showing today doesnt mean it wont tomorrow, i try not to keep jumping on the scales because if they dont move i get cheesed of and wonder what the point is!

much love chuck and keep at it if your 100% on you'll lose a stone a month (min)


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Should I eat all three do you think? Or just have one for my dinner? It seems wrong to shove all 450 calories into me only a couple of hours before bed time.


Going for Goal!
If I was you hun I would try and space three out between now and bed time.
Have a cold shake now, then perhaps a warm hot choc made with 2? I put mine in a nice big jug and keep filling up.

Towergiilly is right, look at the month as a whole rather than week by week.


Rather than looking at your shakes this evening as a chore or a struggle, think that it's a miracle slimming drink that will make you loose!!! That's what I try and tell myself when I struggle.

Big Hugs x x x

Annie 100

Likes to chat
Hi Guru,

I'm also just on week 2 and I'm finding it hard not to want food, I don't need it but I do want it!

I suggest you maybe have one pack tonight and get back on the programme tomorrow. Can I also suggest you throw your scales away and just get weighed once a week by the CDC. You do get days when the scales just don't move, and then you are tempted to either eat in frustration or starve in the hope that might work. If you don't see a number on a scale, it's one less thing to hassle about. Obviously, that's only my opinion, but I find it destructive to keep weighing myself.

Put today down as a blip, you lost enough last week for 3 people! Honestly, you will be fine, just hang on in there! :hug99:


Going for Goal!
Hi Guru,

I suggest you maybe have one pack tonight and get back on the programme tomorrow.
hmmmm....i'm not sure having 1 pack will help. You will find tomorrow you will most likely be absolutely starving hungry.

TRY TRY TRY and have the 3 shakes...:)

I'm sure any CDC would recommend this too.

Hugs x x x


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I'm going to make two packs of porridge and see how I feel after that.

I don't have the shakes. Well, I do but I don't have them AS shakes. I mix them into a cake batter like mixture and eat them with a teaspoon. I don't like drinking them.


Going for Goal!
ok - well that sounds sensible hun.

Have you tried the bars and tetra's? The tetra choc is lovely warm as a hot choc drink. Also, the bars are great, and last ages if in the freezer!

Hopefully when you see your CDC she will offer the bars to you once your 2 weeks are over.

Please don't worry about the scales sticking. If you have been 100% then you WILL loose.

Big Hugs Hun x x x x
hey popped of then i always have 2 porridges in the evening stops me looking in the fridge!
and having 450 calories at once isnt bad i've done worse have a large bowl of porridge and then have some chocolate paste i know it can be difficult i often stuggle to have the 3 but think that the 3 packs are the minimum your body needs to function! its not eight yet so have a bowl of porridge and then you can chat on here whilst having some lovely magical chocolate paste x

much love babe
we are here for you x


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Thank you very much everyone. I have had the porridge.

I think the problem is that I went for a breakfast meeting - where I didn't eat any breakfast and had black coffee - and didn't have a chance for my porridge. Then went straight into other meetings and missed lunch and by the time I was on the train home I was dreaming of battered fish or a bit of cheese.

I feel much better after the porridge. I will have some chocolate mush later. Lesson learned - do not miss a pack in the morning.
Have come to this late, but you've done really well having them and agree with Emma that it's best to have them. They really are chocked full of vitamins and minerals which are hard to get otherwise.

Whilst some weeks can be harder than others, it does get a lot easier as time goes by. Please, please try the tetras!!! If you're anything like me you'll love them so much you'll never forget to have one :)


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I tried the chocolate tetra. I liked the taste of it, but it disappeared really really quickly! At least with the porridge or chocolate mush it lasts a bit longer. I am a bit scared of trying the bars next week. On LL I hated the bars - although I hear the peanut one on CD is quite nice?
guru try and have a early night

try not to eat but if u have to in next few days small bit of chicken

i had worst first 2-3 days im now 21 weeks down line around 7 stone 2 down

thats with few holidays weddings stags thrown in

good luck keep going it gets easier easier and easier
must say i love peanut and cranberry bars!

well done guru x


Winning a losing battle!
Well done for getting the porridge down. You really need to have all of your packs for the nutrient content.

My WI day is a Friday and I always find that I lose absolutely nothing over a weekend but then it all catches up by the Wednesday - strange but true! If you can avoid weighing, I would.

Week 2 is difficult, week 1 is all exciting and you're looking forward to your first weigh in and once that's over, the demons start talking!

I regularly have days that are packed full of meetings so tend to keep a tetra with me for days like that so that I know I'm getting my nutrients in, they do disappear quickly but you very soon get to the point where they're enough to satisfy you.

Stick with it, you've had a fab first week and I'm sure you'll be happy with your second weigh in!

On the subject of bars, I really like the peanut and cranberry bars but try not to have them if I've got an afternoon full of meetings as they can make you a bit windy!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Oh guru.. Glad you've had your packs - and maybe that was why you were feeling rubbish earlier, I hadn't realised you hadn't had all your shakes.. I know I feel rubbish if I've not had one for a good few hours so that won't have helped you.. Honestly, it's not an easy diet and I remember saying to hubby about week 2 that I would get through it because I am so bloody stubborn but I didn't know how I was going to enjoy it and even just getting to 6 weeks seemed such a long way away.. But I kept going and now it's just a "way of life" - it is so so muche asier! Yes there are still days when I serve hubby and pickle their supper and wish I could have some, yes there are days when people bring the most beautiful things in to work to share and I can't have them but it's not for ever and it is easier.. Promise!!

They say it takes 6 weeks to build a habit - you're 2 weeks in to that, well on your way!


Shut up Ethel
Hey Guru - well you say above you learned your lesson but just to reinforce it, do please try to have your morning pack and remember to have something at lunchtime ish....it seems its just enough to keep you from falling into the Pit Of Craving! I 'forgot' twice last week to have my lunchtime tetra/shake and by 4pm I was staring like a gormless idiot at the racks of things in the canteen. Doesn't happen if I have my lunchtime one.

For making a tetra go further, make a cup of coffee and add the tetra, shove in microwave for a few seconds if its gone a bit sort of tepid - a filling cup of coffee that keeps you going for ages. (Invest in a double sized mug!)

The first week is often 'easier' than subsequent weeks; the novelty has worn off, you're used to it, you've made the adjustment. I honestly believe if you get through the first days you'll find the first week easy but that doesn't mean its always easy from there on in. I really struggle sometimes....I don't think we'd be human if we didn't!

Just focus on your goal - and on what you need to do to get you there!


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Thank you for all the support last night. I was <---> this close to eating some cheese (which is about the only food I have in the fridge at the moment and that is for hubby!) I managed to eat all three packs although I had to force myself to eat the last one. I feel better today though and proud that I managed to stay 100%!

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