Hi everyone

Well we do talk about some horrid stuff on here don't we - lol
I have really awful breath - I have had Trident gum as I seem to think I could have that last time - is this right??
Also, now day six and my ketostiks arent pink yet - am I going to lose this week - just had the cottage cheese and celery blip last night but other than that totally 100%
Also not "been" for three days so does that affect it????
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Is Trident the sugar-free gum? I think that should be OK. I have armed myself with a can of Gold Spot. I thought bad breath was a sign of ketosis, so maybe you are nearly there.

As to not going, it should happen soon and then you'll see a few pounds drop off! I would hope that that wouldn't affect your breath though :D


hoping for a good loss
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sticks don't always register, so don't go by the sticks. Death breath is a good sign of ketosis.