bad breath


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I have read alot of various stuff on the net about the CD and a few are mentioning that you get bad breath.

Have many of you found this an issue? Do I need to stock up on mouth wash lol:)
When fat is burned rapidly as on a vlcd your body produces substances from the fat called 'ketones' and they can be detected on your breath...on one hand it is great as you know your in ketosis and on the other your breath can smell a bit and your tongue can be furry:rolleyes: :(

I found this to be only temporary and using a tongue scraper and a mouth wash like Oraldene or Listerine helps do the trick. I also floss each day.

Mind you I have heard a good few mention that it has gone on longer with them.

Hope that is of some help.

Love Mini xxx
When the taste of the ketones gets too bad I use mouthwash and breath sprays. But drinking loads of water helps as it dilutes the ketones as they are made. It isn't a pleasant side effect but as the diet is SO worth it I can put up with it !
As has already been said both the strips and breath spray are very good at combating the bad breath. Strange as it may seem Lisa....the birdcage breath is a good shows that the diet is working!! :D