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Bad day yesterday

I don't know what happened, I was feeling so ill, my chest was feeling tight (I actually looked about 6 months pregnant!!), my stomach was really bloated, and it's not even close to * week. I was getting awful pains in my abdomen, and so there was NO way I was going to be cooking. I spent half the day in the loo!

Well anyway, I ate terribly. No real food really, I did have some fruit, but then I just dug into the pack of viennese whirls, and had a whole packet (42 syns!!)

I'm going to draw a line under it, and I'm not getting my hopes up for a loss on tuesday, but I'm Ok with that. I just really couldn't be bothered. I feel bad for it, but there's nothing I can do about it now except get over it and get back on plan. I'll reduce my syns to 5 a day for the rest of the week.

Anyone else do this when you're sick?
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Don't beat yourself up - falling off the wagon is easy, it's the picking yourself up that's hard and you've done that!:)

When I'm ill I crave crisps - but only ready salted! Nothing else will do, and I also just have to draw a line!

Hope you're feeling better today!

Mrs V

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These things can happen to us all Hun. There are just days when this happens and there is nothing we can do but get it over and done with and start afresh as soon as we can.
Im feeling a little off colour myself today, and yesterday I struggled to eat anything at all! Trying to stay focused is difficult sometimes, but well done for getting back on track..thats the most important part. You may find that come Tuesday you will either have sts or have a loss, particularly if you reduce syns by 5 and stick to plan for the rest of the week.



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When you're feeling ill you can't really be bothered to eat what you think you 'should' be eating, your body wants what it wants and when you're feeling so awful, denying yourself would have made you feel worse. You're doing the right thing. Draw a line. You ate the food, you enjoyed the food, nothing wrong with that - you've just gotta get back to the healthy stuff now you're feeling less icky. xx
Thanks guys, I am feeling a bit better today, even managed to do the wii fit for half an hour (usually do an hour a day, but baby steps til I am all better). I've been really good today, fruit for breakfast and a yogurt, then bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and scrambled egg for lunch.

On the plus side I went to the smoking clinic today and he thinks maybe I was OD-ing on the patches and thats what caused the side effects of bloating, nausea etc so he's reduced the strength of the patches, so hopefully this will help.

And I did do a sneaky weigh this morning, and it says 1lb over my last WI, but my scales have always been out (anything from 1lb to 2.5 lb over), so hopefully I haven't done too much damage, and may even get a loss. But I won't be disappointed if I don't lose because I know why.

I ordered some shopping yesterday while i was bed bound, so have lots of speed food coming this afternoon, fruit and veg, so I'm well on my way back to being good.


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And I did do a sneaky weigh this morning
Naughty, naughty! You know thats a BAD thing to do!!! :p
I know!! I didn't even do sneaky weighs when doing fishy week, but I think because I was feeling so bloaty I couldn't help myself. But I won't be doing it again before WI.

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