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Bad day...


My boyfriend convinced me to go for a walk around town as the weather is so lovely (I literally have avoided leaving the house apart from work since xmas..).

All I saw was my horrid reflection in shop windows and I was totally traumatised, too hot and uncomfortable. I ended up getting a taxi home as I was so upset...

I have been doing exante for 5 days now and have been ok, but I cant seem to come to terms with what I look like. I cant imagine being happy again. :(

It haunts me that I was ten stone at xmas and now im 13.5. Thats just not normal is it???

Have decided to hide indoors till I feel better. Sorry to moan everyone, I guess im just upset.xxx
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Rebel without a calorie
Oh I know that feeling! 2 weeks ago I was forced to spend 4 hours shopping with the size 10/12 5 foot mother in law. Next to her I felt like a huge elephant as I kept seeing my reflection in the shop windows!! She wanted to buy me a gift and kept picking things up asking if I liked it. Everything was either too short to cover the bulges or too clingy etc. At one point I managed to lose her to M&S, but when she came out she said there were lots of 'bigger things' that I should have looked at. Que my slowly dieing inside.
After 4 hours I had lost the will to live and thankfully she was persuaded to go home.
We were due to take her out again last Sunday and I stressed all the night before wondering if I should fake illness and not go. Fortunately she changed her mind!!
Take heart that I have lost enough after my first week to be able to see the difference.
Don't give up, you've made the decision to do this and you know how quickly the weight will drop off.
Big hugs to you x
Sounds to me like you are a bit depressed sandy, and in fact may have been for a while which could be one reason why you have piled weight on - have you been comfort eating? *wags finger* ;)

Try and get a bit of perspective on it. When you are out and about do you spend all your time looking at other women and thinking "oh she's fat" "mm wish I had a figure like that"? Course you don't! So nobody will be looking at you and thinking disparaging thoughts either, which means there is no reason for you to hide away indoors.

Nobody is judging you except you, and I think you're being too hard on yourself. Being overweight does not = being worthless!

Yes you are not comfortable with the current "you" but you have taken the plunge to do something about it so rathert han thinking of it as something to hide just see it as a temporary blip that will soon be over.

Big or small you are still a valid, worthwhile person and you deserve to be out in the sunshine, not hidden away in the gloom.

If you have to move a bit slower for a short while so be it, but keep moving cos it's all going to help. And taalk to someone, a friend, a partner, even your doctor, or us, about how you are feeling. You need to let those negative feelings out and make room for some positive ones! :)
Hi Sandy
look at my stats below \/

I was heavier than you when I started and now only a short near 4 months on I am 4 stone lighter


its a battle with yourself- you must get your head in the right place
You will do it, but you also must face a few demons along the way about your eating habits

Exante can help this, as it pretty much takes all food out of the equation.

but if you have got to your current weight through emotional "head" eating then you will have to find another thing to do instead

also get an exercise habit that you like/love as this is it now for the rest of your days- more exercise, which becomes easier as the weight comes off

I walk
Yambabe swims/dog walks/cycles

Quak walks too- nothing too strenuous in the first weeks, otherwise you will feel [email protected]

good luck- I am proof it can be done, as is Yambabe, Quak etc
Aw Sandy...hope you're ok. I can empathise - I hear so many similarities. Many times I've saw some fantastic looking dress but am left shattered when I try it on and catch sight of myself! For me personally, when that happened it would mean reaching for a 'comfort', hence my weight gain. I'd also class myself as a closet eater - never happier when my OH and kids are in bed and I can raid the cupboards!

It's a struggle, and I can't confess to being as great as the other forum members at following this diet faithfully, but I know I want to, and will do, and exante will help me get to goal!

You can do this babe...one day at a time...and before you know it, you'll be out shopping with the mother in law feeling fantastic about yourself desperate to catch a glimpse of the new you in the mirror! Stick in...Gx
Hi everyone,

You are totally right yambabe,I'm a total comfort eater and I don't think I have ever been as bad as I have since Xmas.

I'm feeling a lot more positive (minus the headache today!) And I'm just focusing on my first weigh in the day after tomorrow! !

I admit to being quite nervous about getting on the scales!

A HUGE thanks to all of you,your all so right,it is in the mind and I just need to be patient. Xxx

Bring on the June challenge! !

Have just noticed where you are from Maggie!I live in the same area xx
:) :)

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