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Bad day


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Hi all,

Well I've had an eventful day. Ended up in an ambulance after being on the floor in town with people walking past staring and even some guys walking past saying "she's having a baby, no wait she's just fat!" followed by continual abuse to which my friends told to get lost then the paramedic called him a eff-word prick which made me laugh (in my head as I was completely out of it) although now I think about it I find it quite depressing.

I don't know what happened I felt ill and came on today I was really spaced out and all sorts I don't remember too much. Luckily 2 of my friends were with me and were great although I scared the hell out of them. The paramedic's - 3 in total - all were blaming not eating and saying liquid diets and vlcd's. However at the hospital the Dr didn't blame the diet at all as he understands CD is all medically proven or whatever (can't be bothered to think lol.) Awaiting results at the moment, one thing we do know is that I have quite low blood pressure.

I was just wondering if anyone's had any similar symptoms??

On the plus side although I felt crap I pretended I felt fine so I could leave and be in time to see my CDC who was really nice and gave me some tips on in case this bad patch keeps up. I'm still very adamant to stick to this. Luckily its my AAM week so I think a couple of quorn sausages and lettuce, a bit of chicken and broccoli and cottage cheese and lettuce etc every other day may build up a little extra energy to get me through this week in time for Glastonbury on the 20th.

Lost 3lbs which I was a little disheartened by as I'm 2lbs away from going into the next stone but it is my totm so hopefully when I go next week (it'll actually be 10 days rather than 7 for my next weigh in) I'll be easily into the next stone and people wont think I'm pregnant lol.

P.s. might I add the whole world is now against me doing this diet and insisting its terrible for me that’s why what happened today happened..:(
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Aw poor you, hope ur soon feeling better! Did u feel like this last totm?
Hi arcticmonkey
You poor thing - what a frightening experience for you.
I'm doing LL (in my 9th week now) and last week a similar thing happened to me - not in public though, luckily at home. I got up to go to the loo early in the morning and fainted and knocked myself out. Felt very woozy for the day. I spoke to my LLC who put me straight away onto our Milk week and I have felt fine ever since. Other than my LLC and husband though I didn't tell anyone that I fainted, only that I had tripped over something and knocked myself out. Didn't want the reaction that you got.
I hope you feel better now.


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Hi Arctic,

Sorry to hear you are having such a rough day.

I am so angry at those bluddy pratts making nasty comments when you were cleary in distress too :mad::mad:. At least you can take comfort that you can and are losing weight while they will always be inconsiderate, ignorant, moronic [email protected]!!!.

I hope you feel better soon heres some positive vibes and hugs: :vibes: :vibes: :hug99: :hug99:


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Sorry to hear you've had such a bad day. Hope you're feeling alright now.
I think that you're doing brilliantly and so determined not to let any knocks send you off course.
Make sure that you get proper medical advice and examination. I think it is all too easy for people to jump to conclusions about the diet etc.
Having said that, I have felt a little woozy when getting up quickly. Although this can happen to everyone when getting up I have noticed it has only been happening since being on the diet ( 3 1/2 weeks).
Take care and have a good rest.
SOOOO jealous youre going to Glastonbury. Have a great time.


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Thanks everyone I really appreciate it :)

Yep I'm going to be having regular check ups on the blood pressure coz their quite worried about it. I never realised low blood pressure's as bad as high. So easy to be poorly isn't it! I struggle carrying things such as water too so once I have money need to start at the gym to exercise my arms...exiting :(

Thanks ruthlett the kids were really nasty but you get use to it around here. Even though at the time I thought I was dying (drama) I was just thinking exactly what you said "at least I'm doing something about this they'll never change". It was my friends who made me laugh one of them got up as if she was going to chase them off lol.

For anyone who's feeling like me, lightheaded etc, the Dr just said keep the fluids down. My CDC also said that if I still feel groggy and lightheaded the best thing to do is have half a pint of skimmed milk a day, or (even better as I love the stuff) your average sized pot of natural youghurt (yummy). It wont effect the diet TOO much but obviously its extra calories. But I advise this for anyone else although i've not tried it myself yet, its better to do that than feel awful. Its just useful as it will line the stomach a little. I'm trying to avoid doing this but I'm feeling very weak today I may consider it if I'm feeling this way tomorrow/Monday.

Are you feeling OK now loser65?? I don't blame you, I kind of wish I could say the same thing but most people know it happened coz of the attention it drew and are all accusing the diet. My nan's coming around soon, I'm sure she'll be telling me I need to eat properly again too lol.

Yeye, hello :) this is my first painful totm since starting the diet. I do get terrible pain everytime though! I did have some prescribed tablets specifically for this during the morning before the incident so another note to anyone who feels crappy please don't have any tablets prescribed pre diet! Its possible that triggered things off, yet no one knows.

Gotta keep plodding on till the end ain't we :)


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
P.s. Ceri, my rucksacks big enough for a person to get in feel free to hide in there and I'll smuggle you in lol


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hope you're feeling better soon...

There was a thread started by meneither recently called "it must be the diet" - the things other people had blamed the cd if the person on the diet felt ill..

But one thing I'll say - which is something I used to say to patients when I was doing midwifery in the community - just because you're on a diet (or, in the midwifery case, pregnant!!) it doesn't mean that you are excused from getting all the day to day things that you would have got before hand... People automatically assume it's the diet (/pregnancy) but it might just be that you would have got it anyway..

Hope that's some consolation to you, keep going with the diet - you're doing so well!!

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Hi arcticmonkey
I'm feeling fine thanks - I hope you are too. I have been having 300 mls skimmed milk since last week (which I was quite reluctant to do - I feel like I'm cheating :confused:. But its just for one week and I feel that it has made a difference to the slight lightheadedness (is that how it's spelt?)
I'm sorry that in my previous post I didn't acknowledge the fact that those yobs were so nasty - just hang in there and take comfort from the fact that you are getting slimmer (and stronger and confident) each day but their nastiness will remain with them for life and make them lonely old men!
Have a good Sunday.


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If I were a little lighter I might have just taken you up on that offer!!
Hope youre fighting fit for the festie.

:wavey: You will be lighter by Glasto!!! Lol. :thankyou:


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Hello there and thanks Sunflowerbride I appreciate it! Thats really true what you said, Ive never thought about that before. If you're doing anything differently in life when somethings wrong, that "different" thing gets accused for it all. I might start telling people this from now on...cheers!! :)

Hello again Loser65, I'm exactly the same as you. I had a pot of natural yoghurt today to line me stomach and I too feel like I'm cheating. But still, its much better than we'd have been eating before the diet isn't it! And if it makes us feel better, its got to be worth it. Thank you for your nice words :). Those yobs really were a bunch of $*(£"$£'s!!! Unfortunately they seem to be overtaking the world lol, oh well. I went through a stage of caring about what they said but now I'm just happy I'm nothing like them.

Happy Sunday everyone :D
Hey mate,
Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Also happy to see it hasnt knocked your thoughts about the diet. I can also say that it was the first thing that i thought might have been the cause. As i too am doing the diet but when you actually think about it, its not really possible for the diet to do that, it must be a mixture of different things. Hopefully the extra skimmed milk will help day to day and you never no, you may feel better after a couple of weeks and by able to cut that down and be fine. Take care :)
:vibes:get well

Glastonbury soon Woop Woop

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