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bad day


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Just been out for a drive and feeling very sorry for myself and started to cry, feel so deprived, saturday is usually takeaway nite with wine. Hubby not indulging to but this has made him grumpy. Have told him to go out to the pub and then indian but he feels guilty. So its very tense in the house tonight. :cry::cry:Just made a shake. I will get through this.
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Lola honest you'll soon stop noticing that you're missing out - we always had takeaways or made something really nice on Fridays and Saturdays and then we'd have crackers and cheese and lots of wine --- now it doesn't even bother me as I know that this is worth it and that in the future I can have what I want in moderation - sometimes more and sometimes less.

My lot have had Indians, Chinese and even KFC while I've done this diet and if you just get your mind in the right frame you can see them eat without it making you feel bad...... you'll get there.

Go give hubby a big cuddle :)


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Thanks for that, I suppose it could be easier to throw in the towel and stay fat and unhappy but why not be unhappy for a while and end up slim. Cheers for the encouragement.
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Honest honey it's not easier to throw in the towel - I did that at the end of last summer and it wasn't easy at all, I spent 3 months eating and feeling crap and I don't want to feel like that again. I hated what I was buying and eating even while I was doing it but still did it which is mad - I feel so much better for doing LL and knowing that in a few months it will all be over with and then the really hard part begins.

Stay strong and stick with it ((((hugs))))


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Hi Lola
I know how you feel, it was just the same for me at the start.
We always had kebabs on a Saturday night or something similar.
Now I don't even think about it, I sit and have my soup and I am fine, and actually, DH has stopped having them and had omelette and homemade oven chips tonight which is much better for him than kebabs and he really enjoyed it (especially after the horror stories we have had this week on here about them)
I did make them pancakes tonight though as I know I won't be arsed to do it on Tuesday.
I have no problem cooking them stuff at all now and they can eat anything they like and it doesn't bother me any more.
At the start I would want to cry. It is hard, but you can deal with it and get through it. It really does get better.
At least your hubby is trying.
Mention it at your class this week, the LLC and your group will help you too.


MUST get a grip
Ahh poor you - I feel like my entire social life's on hold at the mo... I think lots of people find it difficult to adjust, specially in the first few weeks...
Just think though, they be countless weekends that you will be out when you are slim and happy looking fabby xxxxx
Oh Lola I can remember that grumpy feeling only too well. I remember the 2nd week cooking a lovely dinner for the family putting it on the table and saying to them as I walked out "I hope it chokes you". How awful was that, but that was how I felt at the time, deprived and sorry for myself.

Its all change now and it will for you. Hang on in there girl, accept that you may get a bit grumpy, come on here and we will try and make you laugth:party0019::party0019:
Hi Lola

Well done for coming and posting instead of giving in, deep down you obviously know this is what you want, it wont be long until you can have meals again but this time you will be able to eat them wearing a skinny little outfit!!



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S: 14st7lb G: 11st5lb
thanks everyone you are all the best support. I do log in here everyday and glad I do was really in a bad mind set tonight but now feel a whole lot better. Waiting for ketosis and not feeling so raw.

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