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Bad day :(

Despite still being hungry on Day 4 of 810 I got up feeling extra positive this morning.

However, this afternoon I had a big row with DH over some petty thing. He's been really off with me all day and because I am so hungry it has made me want to eat. I don't usually comfort eat but because I am so hungry it's the first thing that comes to my mind to make myself feel better.

I'm really struggling now.:cry:
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Dont let an arugument make you feel even worse because you will if you ea something you shouldnt, Ive been in the arcade because if I didnt I would eat hubby tea (he said he would be home at 5 and still no sign of him) so im peed off at him, infact im gonna go put his tea in the bin tough if hes hungry when he comes home he should of been here when he said he would. sorry for pinching your thread and having a moan .

Dont eat anything you shouldnt hun its not worth it.x
Thanks so much guys. I'm determined not to cave in but I just needed to come here and moan because I feel so alone with this right now. It's amazing here because everyone understands.

I've never been so hungry in my whole life but I have to shake this last stubborn stone before I see the plastic surgeon in a month about my excess skin so I am determined not to give in.

I'm stoked because I've lost 7lbs by day 4 which is what's keeping me hanging in but it's weird because all of a sudden I'm feeling so depressed.

The devil on my shoulder keeps telling me life's too short for caring about being slim and on a Saturday night I should be able to have a drink and some munchies. Aaaargh!

I won't do it though. Gonna have my last CD shake of the day in a bit which should ease the pain somewhat. :)

Oh and you can share my moan thread anytime Susan. It helps to know I'm not the only one out there ready to kill the hubby. ;)
Sorry about the row with DH.....don't let it rattle your determination to lose - you will feel awful if you give in now......I dreamt last night that I ate a magnum until I 'remembered' that I was CD'ing......the guilt was unbelievable, it woke me up! So stay strong and distract yourself.....paint your nails, get on the arcade, anything - but DON'T EAT! :)


nearly there!! :)
god u had a day like me so!!im on day 5 of ll and woke up really positive, got a headache then and since then everythings gone down the drain!! rowed with oh and son all day, and now oh stormed off to work with me sitting here bulling!! everything has tempted me today but not giving in i really want to do this even though im having the same feelings like u bout a sat nite and life to short...arggggggggghhh hate days like today!!
Haha! Thanks for that Minz - I read that post this morning and it gave me a giggle to start the day with.

I went to bed with a grumbling tummy last night but didn't dream about eating - and TBH I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing. :)

I mean, it must have been lovely to so vividly eat a Magnum without consuming any calories but to be so rudely awakened must have been like being thrown out of heaven and landing on your bum with a thud.

I'm feeling lots better now. I've had my 810 plan protein meal and I split my choc mint shake into two and added a bit of my skimmed milk to it so I feel like I've had a desert this time as well as being able to save some for bed time so I don't have to go to bed with a grumbling tum. I know it's not as good as a glass of Shiraz with a bowl of KP ready salted and a Snickers ice cream in front of the X Factor after dinner but I think I'll live. For now at least! ;)
Hi Poppy,
Dont give in!!!! I am an emotinal eater too and have got loads of sh1t going on in my life right now.... Try to turn your emotions on their head, instead of turning to food right now, think to yourself, yes I have had this row but I can control this bit of my life and relish the feeling of NOT eating!!! Have a lovely glass of bubbley <sparkling water> And a nice bath, but you know how gutted you will be tomorrow if you give in...
You can do it and you know that here we are all walking the same path....
Keeo up the good work I'm on day 4 too!!!! Look forward to weigh day it will be here before you know it xx

Sorry about my spelling!!!!
Awww catznolan - they're must be something in the air hun. I think the miserable weather we're having right now can't help matters either.

It makes me feel like going into winter mode - craving cosy nights indoors in front of the telly, under a duvet with lots of lovely goodies to munch on.

I hope you've managed to shake off the headaches now. I'm chugging so much water I'm virtually living in the loo - which seems to have kept away the headaches but not the growling tummy. Oh well.
Thanks tillyfloss. :) It's weird because I didn't think I was an emotional eater until this. I usually eat little and often and fairly healthily - thought I could differentiate between actual hunger and emotional or associated hunger but maybe I need to explore that some more. I hope it's because I've been hungry for a few days and so the obvious comfort when upset is going to be food. It's definitely given me food for thought anyway (excuse the pun) :D

What day are you having your WI? Would love to hear how you get on. I've been naughty and have been weighing myself before my WI. Although if I hadn't done that and seen how much I've already lost I might not have been so strong today.



The Nerdy Singer
I hope you're feeling better, Poppy. It is nice to have a bunch of us to moan to, yes? It's what we're all here for. We all know what you're going through, because we're all in similar situations, so whenever you need the support you just come right over and tell Peachy what's wrong! (hugs) I hope you're feeling better. Good on you for sticking to it!!! You will find that soon your clothing will fit much looser and you'll need new clothes. And then you will feel fan-flippin-tastic! And NOTHING can replace that feeling - it's tons better. When I dropped my first 5 lbs on Cambridge, I was bawling happy tears. It's much more satisfying than eating. You know it - you're a star for sticking to it!!
Haha! Thanks for that Minz - I read that post this morning and it gave me a giggle to start the day with.

I went to bed with a grumbling tummy last night but didn't dream about eating - and TBH I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing. :)

I mean, it must have been lovely to so vividly eat a Magnum without consuming any calories but to be so rudely awakened must have been like being thrown out of heaven and landing on your bum with a thud.
If you thought me eating a magnum in my dreams was funny, last night I moved on to bigger things......was on holidays and was asked to bake a wedding cake for a couple that decided to marry on holidays, so I had a few attempts (turning the cakes onto wire racks was particularly vivid) and of course I tasted the inside bit of each one to make sure they were cooked before icing them......strange how the newly baked cakes even had cream/jam filling in them when I did this...lol.....don't need a dream analyst for that one eh? Had to step on the scales this morning to convince myself I hadn't strayed. What am I like?
hi poppypoo
trouble withlow cal diets we all have days where we feel so fed up
i am in tears some days and i dont even know why
i cried over a slice of cheese yesterday i`m on ss and battled for almost an hour i was walking back and forth to the fridge

you are doing great keep up the good work

Wow Minz! You really ought to start a thread containing your 'Dream Diary'. It's brilliant!

Things got worse yesterday so to know that things have hit rock bottom in my life and I haven't caved in to raid the fridge has made me feel really strong.

DH and I have been up and down for a long time but we have actually lived seperately in completely different counties (2hr drive apart) since we seperated just over a year ago. I moved back to my home town with the kids to be near my mum, sis, friends, etc.

A few months ago we decided to try again but take things slowly (so he visits at wknds when he's not at work). There have been ups and downs but we've been hanging in there. Yesterday he started on me for something really petty (just like the way things were before) and I just thought, 'I'm not going back down that road again.' So last night at 3am after another heated discussion I asked him to leave and he did.

I went to bed without falling off the wagon and to rub salt into the wounds, the dog (who has been very well house-trained for yrs) had decided to pee all over the kitchen floor in the night! I like to go down in the morning to a nice clean kitchen so I can sit down and have my CD choc shake in a nice setting so yet another test of my food abstinence!

I cleaned it up, kicked the dog out into the garden and came straight here because I feel writing on here helps loads. I haven't had my morning shake yet as I lost my appetite but since writing this it's starting to come back so off I go to have it.

Sorry about the warts and all post so early on a Sunday morning! :)
Thanks kazbro. I know what you mean. I think as long as we keep busy we'll be ok. That's why most of us get hungrier in the evening when we have time to sit down and think 'what now?' Did you eat the slice of cheese in the end? If you did, don't worry, I'm sure it won't have affected your progress.
nope poppy i won the battle i didn`t eat it
been down this road before and the is my 3rd restart
determined to get to goal this time
know what you mean about relationships mines rocky but were still together at the mo
when he starts with his moods it just makes me more determined to succeed with my weight and get to goal
i am not sure what will happen with us time will tell
you stay strong get tto goal and show him you can do this


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Oh Poppypoo - you are already so strong to keep CD up when you are dealing with all that!!!!!!!
Just remember that he can't control your eating - that is totally up to you! He probably doesn't like that! So you keep strong and keep posting - as for the dog, well it's not his fault, maybe he's a sentive soul and doesn't like rows! :)

Good on ya Kazbro! I like your attitude to it all and well done for resisting the cheese. :)

Thanks, Wilma. I don't know. He's a great guy and actually has been pretty supportive and helpful with the weight loss in many ways but we seem to bring out the worst in eachother (I'm no angel either).

Anyway - my new goal is that the rest of the day is going to be positive regardless of the lack of Sunday roast!!! Lol.
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Minz - at least you get to eat in your dreams! I had a dream with the most luscious cupcake imaginable. I'd just unwrapped and smelled it, and opened my mouth for a bite, when I sighed and threw it in the bin!

Poppy - Oh my. (lots and lots of hugs to you) I can't imagine starting this diet in that situation. You're so strong!! Good on you for chucking him out - that's the last ting you need!! Take it from someone who's been there a few times, abusive relationships are just completely damaging to body image, esteem, and good health. What ended up winning it for me was that I began thinking, "Every time I eat as a result of something he did or said to me, he wins again and he has 1 more aspect of my life under his control. No more."

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