Bad Day!


Fighting Demons....
Ok, I have just had the day from hell. My mother, who I work for, and her business partner have managed to break the main printer and insisted on keeping trying to print stuff to it. What part of "it's broken" do they not understand!? So we've had to re-route everything to mother's printer and she was going mental! Then Natwest decided to call me to tell me I hadn't paid my credit card. I did so. After much discussion, and yelling on my part, it turned out that my "payment protection" fee was put on after I paid the balance. They are not meant to charge me for payment protection when my balance is zero. And now I have payment protection fee and 2 non payment fees. I was not happy. But they agreed to waive the non payment fees as the sales people because it was their damn error. The there was this request "have you done that form with the numbers?" I'm sorry do I look like I speak idiot? Oh and then "I've found those registrations you asked for" and on looking at them saw they were dated yesterday. (Meaning last week they told me I had them - and made me search, they actually hadn't done them. And then thought I wouldn't notice when they came through with yesterday's date on them!)
On top of all of that craziness, after reading Emszki's thread the other day about her ex boyfriend springing up out of the blue, it got me thinking. I remember that when I put my first "I'm a photo whore" picture on Facebook in October/November time, I was overwhelmed with people's comments. So lovely. As I was reading them I got an instant message from a guy from my past. We never ended up doing the whole relationship thing - mostly because after a violent relationship in my teenage years I have steered clear of them. But he properly messed with my head. He was one of those really lovely guys one minute, didn't want to know the next minute. Very hot and cold.
Anyway, eventually I moved to another town and lost touch with him. Then had very irregular contact with him for a while. And then after not speaking to him in 4 months he popped up out of nowhere on that message. Then today, bam, another message. And he's all up in my head again. Me, like a tool, didn't log off at work until 5.30 cus I was in this most bizarre conversation with him. I don't even know where my head is at right now. And to make it worse, just caught myself reaching for the naughties in the boys' chocolate and biscuits hidey hole!!
Quickly made myself a chocolate shake to get my head off it and now the damn "purple wrappers" are talking to me!!

Going to go bash my head against a brickwall now. Just needed to vent. It helps. . .

B x
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Awww Beks, sounds like a real tough day hun
<<<<<<<<<<<<<BIG BEAR HUGS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well done you for not listening to the naughty purple wrapper voices, enjoy that shake then get your mind preoccupied with something!

I know how much members of the opposite sex from your past can mess with your head (I really do!) so just take some time and give it careful thought and remember why you lost contact / didn't get with him in the first place!

Feel better soon Beki :)

*sneaks in one more quick hug before he leaves*


Fighting Demons....
Thanks for the hugs Pete!

Think ranting on here helped to clear my head. I feel much better and the purple wrappers are speaking to me much less!

B x


nearly there!! :)
get them and pour washing up liquid on them...ok if ya cant in person imagine the yucky feel of it in ur mouth!!

hope ur feeling better soon chic xxx


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More hugs from me :grouphugg:

I can relate to the messing with the head bit. Someone popped back into my life on Tuesday that I was just getting over. It was my day 1 as well - talk about timing :(

That being said, the trauma has made the last 2 days pass more quickly than expected :8855:


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Hi Bekimo

People from the past, I think they are in the past for a reason. Its just hard to accept that. I found myself txting and emailing my ex since I saw him on Saturday. It was almost like I couldnt let go. I dunno was a bit strange but I had time out and have stopped obssesing over him. Its not like I want back with him, I have a lovely OH and two amazing sons but...... oh I dunno I just got all weird about it.

Sorry just went off on an Emzski hijack there. Im proud you never reached for the purple wrappers!! Well done, i havent been that strong of late but back on track now! Glad your rant helped out sometimes it just good to vent. I usually stomp around the house on a majour cleanning whim if I need to get something out of my system.

Big Hugs to you!


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Have my address Emski

If you want to come South to the seaside next time you feel like major cleaning - let me know. We had a lovely sunny day today and its showing up my after Christmas dust!
Strange about the ex thing
When I started to get near my goal I
got a bit obsessive about one of mine and looked him up on the internet to find out he is the world leading expert in his career. I think part of me wanted him to see me because he was my boyfriend years and years ago when I was that size.
I didn't contact him, but I was tempted. Almost like a "look what you're missing feeling".
Luckily I've got it out of my system now. I've got a lovely husband who has never judged me on my size and has never known me slim until now - so - bonus for him!