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Bad Days

Hi everyone

I was having a good day until I got some bad news....and then I ate lots of stuff I shouldn't ate...bread rolls, frozen burgers. It seems I am a huge comfort eater and when I feel tired I need sugary things and just tend to over eat.

I feel like I have ruined all my progress and no idea how I will lose 2 stone in 6 months (my wedding date) so feel really rubbish.

I didn't realise the burgers were synned as well...and I went on a 5 mile walk today and that is all ruined.

What do you do on a bad day? Any ideas how to stop comfort eating?

Thank you
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Put a line under it and start again tomorrow. Life happens and sw allows for that. You can do this!
Next time try munching on free stuff like fruit, veg, meats. I know you have a sweet tooth but try filling up on other stuff first before reaching for the sugar!
Check out the half syn cake, the whole cake is half a syn so fill ya boots! Head over to the baking thread for ideas on low sun sweet things.
Take this as a learning opportunity, you know what you do and why, now you slowly change your habits.
Big hugs for the bad news xx
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We've all been there, and you'll go there again many times, but you'll find the times you do turn to food for comfort will get less & less, it is a learning curve, you'll get there.

Try & keep some low syn 'comfort' foods in, ok so you like burgers how about quorn ones, I think they are free, you could keep some hexb size buns in the freezer, they'll only be 6 syns if you feel like a burger.

Don't beat yourself up about what you've done, it can't be changed now, I don't know if you sub to diaries but if not start you'll then realise you're not alone.
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Ah hugs for the bad news. You have had some great replies there.
Draw a line start afresh today HH is right you will find as time goes on you do it less and less ( but you still will do it ). I have been doing sw for three years thus time and just last Sat I eat my emotions. The important thing is the next day you are back on it.
Just plan some yummy on plan things today

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as the others have said, fresh start! Don't feel bad about it hun, it happens. Don't dwell on it.

Your 5 mile walk definitely was NOT a waste, and you have NOT ruined your progress. In fact you may well find the walk mitigates the calories to a large extent and the damage may not be as bad as you think it will be.

2 stone in 6 months is till completely within reach :)
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Chloe, I am a massive comfort eater too, and I find SW really helpful for dealing with this. I, personally, find that I can't keep 'naughty' foods in my cupboards, but instead have masses of the things I'm allowed on SW. I know, then, that if I feel low and have a binge - it's all SW free food, and I haven't ruined my diet, just made the best choices I could. (Though: a diet is never ruined by one bad meal - it's if you allow that meal to become a second, and then a third, and so on, that it's ruined.)

I hope you are having a better day today!
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I totally understand how your feeling im also an emotional eater ive had a tough few weeks and as a result gained 4.5lb! just couldn't claw myself on the wagon, heart and head wasnt in it i almost gave up. im really trying this week though. best advice i can give is a piece of advice that someone gave me was " don't let a bad day turn into a bad week" so if its not something thats long term going to affect you draw a line and move on from it and remember why you started this journey when you get a bad day again. Totally agree with other reply too dont think that your walk was a waste of time it might have limited the damage done x
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To manage this in the future, you could pre-prepare items so when you get the urge to comfort eat, you won't worry about what you are consuming then and minimise any damage to losses that way.

The best thing I could point you to is that preparation is the main key to Slimming World. If you have plans, you are more likely to succeed.

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