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Bad eating habits...


** Chief WITCH **
While most of you are on your first (AND ONLY!!) attempt at the Dukan diet, most of you will have tried other things previously... and will have regained weight I presume to be back here.

What if any of your previous bad eating or drinking habits do you need to change PERMANENTLY?

and hope to never return to after this diet?

and how do you hope to achieve that goal?

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Good post Jo.
I want to stop drinking alcohol.................during the week - ha shocked you (which i have really)
I also want to stop eating too much and hiding what i eat from people (i.e. not literally but just lying!)
AND...stop when im full not carry on just cos it tastes amazing (mmmm baguette with cambazola and cranberry sauce and 3 bags of cheese an onion crisps)


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Not eating meals, just junk for days on end. I cant go back to that ever.
I dont know how to stop slipping back into it. It would be worst when I'd been away for a weekend and so had nothing much in and easier to buy junk on the way home.
Its as much the organisation habit that I fall out of and need to stay on top of.


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yes organisation is definately key.
Eating cakes, sweets, biscuits in excess ........ I love fruit/veg, fish and chicken and quite happily eat the correct portion size of any of them. Rarely drink alcohol ... but cake ...mmmmm, oh and bread - a real carb fiend here!!

My partner can stop at one or two chocs ... where as I HAVE to eat them all .... ????


** Chief WITCH **
Gosh we all seem to have the same habits!

I'm asking these questions because of all course I fell into all my bad habits again last week, although I know exactly how not to... so why?!!! grrrr!!


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Because sometimes it feels so good to be bad and the future seems too far away and unatainable and the need to rebel feels strong?

I'm trying to think just this once WILL hurt.


** Chief WITCH **
Just because I'm feeling wobbly, I don't want to trip anyone else up but it's good to think these things through...

Yes there's definitely a bit of that and the old "well I've started now so I might as well continue...".

But I guess what I still find frightening, despite having weighed as little as 10 and as much as 22 stone in the past eight years is that I really honestly enjoy having a binge. aaaah


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When i did WW and lost well I used to have an allocated pig out. When I went to classes I did it after WI. Brie sandwiches and crisps and family bag of buttons and boosts and wine.
When i did ww at home i had friday night as pig out. Pizza or cheese board.
and...it kept me motivated, kept me going. otherwise I would have given up way in advance. I know its not perfect but if it keeps me going and I still lose then wine ..sorry i mean why not ;)

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