bad evening :'(


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Well done for not cheating :) x you are one step closer to your target.


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I felt down tonight - its the first time I've done meal replacement and its deffo a bit of a shock!!! from reading all the threads on here tho it seems that as soon as the ketosis fairy arrives things get so much better!!!

how long you been doing it? I'm on my second day and I am so glad its almost over - I didn't exactly cheat but I did have a nibble out of tomorrows bar!!! I just couldn't help myself!!

I also halved every pack so it felt like I was having 6 small 'meals' a day as oppose 3 which nearly killed me day 1 :D:D:D:D
I am hoping that tomo is better than today - my partner works away all week so at least I don't have to have him eating while I can't that would be hell...
He has promised he is going to eat out this weekend (poor baby) and I am hoping come Monday I will be snuggling up with my ketosis fairy and won't care!!

Well done chick chick for not giving in - makes you strong yunno - keep your chin up - your gonna feel terrific on your first weigh in!!



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Aww thanks 4 the post billiebimbo, im now on day 6 but guna leave my weigh in til tues coz i didnt pluck up the courage 2 weigh myself til then!!!!!! Hope my loss is guna really spurr me on, my fiance can jst eat what he wants n he wnt put a lb on (so annoying) ive had 2 babies within the last 3 years n jst find it so hard to diet!!! Got a big insentive tho as we get married in august:) thanx 4 ur supportive msg hun its really helped :-D x


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Well done on staying on the programme. It can be really difficult in the first week. Im on day 5 and not convinced Im in Ketosis yet. Weekends can be more difficult but I have volunteered at the local dogs home as a walker in the hope it gets me out of the house and distracts me from eating! Hope your weekend is a good one, once this week is done and dusted things should get a bit easier.....The wedding is a great goal to aim for, good luck with the diet and enjoy all the planning! :)


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Well done you,i had a bit of a down day yesterday too,it's almost like i felt alittle sorry for myself,which is crazy as i am happy on the diet and don't feel like i'm missing out at all.Still the mind does play tricks


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Well Done for sticking with it. I have found Day 5 difficult. I'm on Day 6 today. For some reason, and while on CD and LL before, Days 5 and 6 were always my hardest days. I'm over half way through now, so fingers crossed. Best Of Luck


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Must be something in the air yesterday, I had a awful day, partly due to the idiot i had been seeing, which I had been really strong about then it all got to me yesterday but hey ho, onwards and downwards, I dont even want to lose weight to show him what he has lost, which is normally what happens when a bloke treats me badly, but this time i wanna do it to give myself the confidence to walk away as soon as I realise stuffs not right, instead of sticking around and letting them hurt me.


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I'm having one of those nights tonight :( I'm on Day 6 and the hunger just isn't going away. Days 3 and 4 were fine, but for some reason 5 and 6 have been really, really hard. I've got uni coursework to do and can't concentrate at all when I'm feeling the hunger, so it's really getting me down, but I haven't cheated and I don't want to give up now. I just don't understand why I'm so hungry!


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Way to go Sammy!! I'm exactly the same as you. I think, I'll lose weight and they'll realise the error of their ways and come back. But what we really need to do is lose it for us and only us!! Well Done lovie! I Defo think it's a weekend thing tho as I've reaaallyyyy struggled this evening!!! xxx