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Bad News caused blip

I had some bad news last night and at first I thought I could handle it, but this morning I found myself eating a box of Smarties. :cry:Basically, we were told that our department is closing at the end of April and that our jobs will no longer exist after that. I'm scared and angry and unsure of what to do next, but I'm more angry at myself for once again running to food! Arrgh. I went home after that and had a cuppa and went straight to bed without picking at anything else. Felt a bit calmer when I woke up this afternoon, and I've been 100% again. Could kick myself as my first weigh in is on Thursday morning. Wonder how much damage I've done. :( I know I'm not in ketosis at the moment as I'm taking medication,but I have been pretty good foodwise this last week, so am hoping for a relatively good result at weigh in.
Anyway, sorry for the moan, just had to let off some steam.
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aww huns thats aweful :( I had a really bad week last week and turned to my old omfort of food , dont feel bad about it , when you are that stressed the diet just goes out the window . I am sure you will find something else , at least you have plenty of notie .. will you get any redundancy pay ?? I am sure it will all be ok , and dont worry about CD just get back on the wagon with us :)
Thanks Hon. I'm sure it will be ok, but it's just the uncertainty at the mo. I don't know what's going to happen exactly. We're going to have a meeting again in a week or two to discuss things, apparently. I'm firmly back on the wagon now, though! I'm not going to let this ruin it for me.
Thanks again for your support. x
that's awful news. i'm sure that you'll find something else or they'll offer you something else. hope you get a decent payout.
Thanks Hon, I hope so too. Trying to stay positive for now. Just realised that there's no point worrying at the moment. x


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Just wanted to send hugs about the job... and good on you for picking yourself up... it's a scary thought that we could feel so positive about things and bad news can mess it all up..I personally think you did well to get back into it! i don't know how I'd have coped. xx

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