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BAD News =(


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Over the past few days iv noticed a little lump on on baby finger it wasnt bothering me slightly sore but nothing major tiny bit swollen!

Well got up this morning as usual went to work was only in the door and my fingers started swelling up to nearly double there size they were sore to touch and my hole hand turned blue!
So i had to leave work and go and see my doctor, hes baffaled wat it is cos theres loadsa little lumps under my skin :( he just said it looks like an infection of some sort (i think he just said that to keep me quite)

Went to my LT chemist to pick up all my drugs for my ''infection'' and showded the woman who i always see and she said it to her boss the head pharmasist he told me i might have to come off my beloved LT if it dosent get better soon as i might be allergic to something in it :cry:
but if i am how come its only happening now 6 weeks in :confused:
he asked how much longer i wanted to stay on for and i said 3 wks inc this week! He thinks i could be allergic to the flapjacks either but this started before yesterday when i had my first one ever!
I havent changed any of the normal products i use soap ect so im completely baffalled!

I dont wanna come off until my times up!!!!!
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Back again - hey ho!
Oh that really doesn't sound nice! You poor thing! I hope they find out what it is. Didn't the doc suggest taking a piriton tablet or anything, just to see if that helps?
Best of luck in staying on the diet, it would be a shame to have to stop, but you cant go round looking half like the nutty proffessor!! xxxx


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How strange it has taken this long ... and only your finger. Hope it soon goes down and you feel better.
Sorry to hear that hun, I hope you feel good in yourself though. Give a LT a ring and talk to them to see if they have come across this before, I spoke to Yank there last week regards my mums injury and he was ever so helpful she had to come off it because it was a fracture.
Hope you are better soon xxxxxxxxxxx
Dont feel too down pet,


Back again - hey ho!
AH! I've just thought!!! Gary, .... this could be a similar thing to whats happening with your, *ahem* :D:D:D .... didn't you say that had turned blue and gone all lumpy too?? :whistle: xxx


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Im otherwise fine like really really good!
Im startin ta look and feel like me again :D
I got me anther fella after me hee hee they just cant stay away :eek:

Its my whole right hand not just fingers lol im starting to see it as funny now tho!


Back again - hey ho!
Try a couple of piriton! xxx


weighs a lot less
ive just done a search on the web and it sounds like an allergic reaction,you said it started as a little lump any chance you could of been biten hun ?


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Im already on 3 different sets of tablets Toni oh and a cream!!

Dont think so lil no marks on me at all!
Iv to go back to the doctors Thurs if its no better :(

And i prob wont loose anything this week over all the F****** tablets

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