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Bad photo

Do you ever see one of them bad photos of yourself and think, I thought I looked a bit slimmer than that!
Taken yesterday, and put on Fbook by someone. I thought I looked quite trim in my tunic and cropped black leggings! It was taken at a bad angle, with me squashed into one of them patio chairs that grabs your thighs!!
Boo. Wont be wearing cropped leggings for a while!
Dontcha just hate it when that happens!!!:eek:
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on a more positive note have just realised if I lose another 3lbs I will reach my stone target!!! Fingers crossed!
Unfortunately its the other way round for me!
I had a photo taken on a night out- and my mum said ooo your face is getting a bit big :(
Ive put it on Facebook and im using it as one of my fat photos!!!!

I sometimes tag along with a friend who's a photographer to help them out when they're busy and when it comes to camera testing time I am always deflated :/ I hate having my picture taken and I see all the glam shots taken of everyone at the event and then my test shot and it's always horrific and that's with studio lighting and a pro photographer!! What must I look like walking down the street?! I aaaalways leave the house thinking I look alright and then that.. I've had to stop looking at them but I know they're still there..


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All of my photos are like that!! lol
on a more positive note have just realised if I lose another 3lbs I will reach my stone target!!! Fingers crossed!
Me too! Gotta have a good week!!


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I've just had a new photo taken (my avitar) thought I looked good before going out (and before seeing the photo) then I realised how fat my arms and stomach still are.

But, on the positive side, I have, on my fridge, a rather large photo of me at 16 st 10 - its a large magnet - and a very large me. At the top I had typed "16 stone 10 never again!". When I compare the two photos it shows what I have achieved so far (its taken time!). So when I see the new photo and compare I don't feel as bad.

Knowing I still have another stone (ish) to loose (and then see what I look like - hopefully camera friendly!) hopefully the arms and tum will tone down.

Keep on slimming down and you will find the negative photo will be one to compare the "new future you" too. You will see a difference.
I had a photo taken recently with my older sister, my niece and my daughter we all look alike facially except my head looks as though it has been plumped up with a bicycle pump!
Tis a photo that made me get my arse in gear! Was taken on my honeymoon. I was in a swimsuit smoking a fag, and i looked completely hideous- 3 chins at least. When i got back and saw it i immediately gave up smoking and when i'd cracked that started SW. I now only have 2 chins and WiLL eventually have only 1!


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I will only ever have my photo taken from the chest up, and even then i have to get to see it and delete it if i don't like it. (thats why most of my photos look over-posed) I haven't had a proper photo taken for years - except my wedding pictures, but i was 3 months pregnant and 18 stone 6 at the time and i HATE remembering that day because i looked like the stay puffed marshmallow man!!
Took a full length photo for my online SW profile when i started and took another today (1 month on) & i now know full well i don't let other people take them of me! lol Todays pic looked a little better, but i can't wait to get 2 or 3 months down the line and compare it to the first. xx

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