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Bad skin


Operation Hottie Kidnap
Mine did that for the first 6 weeks or so after starting SW. My skin is generally quite dry and I have never had many spots. But the first few weeks on SW, it went mental, spots everywhere, especially my chin area.

Thankfully it settled down after a while. :)
i did too and i went to my doc and got a topical gel called duac ........ all was good the first night it cleared loads

but by the time i woke up after the second application i have taken an allergic reaction to the steriod /antibiotic in it and my face and neck is red raw :( i am gutted cause im goin to the mtv awards on sunday and i hope its cleared so i can put make up on.

Its really sore too :(

my advice is drink plenty of water.... your body is just flushing out all the badness and toxins now you are eating healthy.

hope you get it cleared up soon


Wee dollI hope it gets sorted soon and that you have a fab time at the mtv awards (only slightly jealous :) !!).

I'm pleased it's seems normal then and just stick with it (plenty of concealer and water) and it should be sorted soon!!xx
My skin has broken out around my mouth and my chin?! I NEVER get spots here, I can only assume it's food related as I'm not using new make up or changing my cleansing routine - odd!

If you find out what it is let me know

I have had them all on neck for 3 weeks now. I think its more hormone related (recently went on the implant). I usually have exzema, which has been much better since i've been on SW though!
I don't usually get spots unless I wear an oil based foundation, but over the last week since going swimming a lot I have come out in a few spots.

I found a moisturiser in asda and it's really great for the dry skin and drying up the spots quickly also.. its called SkinSystem Young Skin matt finish moisturiser.

It's so good that I dont have to wear concealer any more, only finishing powder over the top :)
I'm pleased (in a way) that I'm not the only one in this situation. Good tip there jodieboo.

Think I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing for a couple of weeks and hope it clears up and I have my normal face back again!! :)
I don't have amazing skin at the best of times but its terrible right now! No idea why thought as it's been like this since before I started SW so it's obv not that. I think it's the lack of sunlight.
I sat with a face pack on last night, not that I think it helped much. Apparently I just looked like the Incredible Hulk. totm not as well so it's all going against me :)


~*I always end up back here*~
I sat with a face pack on last night, not that I think it helped much. Apparently I just looked like the Incredible Hulk. totm not as well so it's all going against me :)
I hear ya, sucks being a girl sometimes aye? haha :D ooo facemask, i might indulge and have a hot bubble bath...
Mine is just getting worse and worse right now *sigh* anyone found anything that's worked? It was * week last week but can't remember the last time I had such a bad breakout :'(
Are you drinking loads of water. Mine has thankfully started to clear up. Are you using any products on it? Could you try a facial scrub or face mask. The clay ones are good if your skin is greasy because the clay absorbs the oil. Have you tried products that are designed for oily/greasy skin and to clear up spots?xx

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