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Bad Week :(

I weigh myself daily, in the Morning, and ever since starting LL, have always noticed at least 1 lb loss every 2 days.

However, this week, i have stuck to the programme as usual, but not noticed ANY loss at all. I am worried this Sunday will be a very small loss. :-(

I have tried upping my water, and wanna try do about 8-9 litres today.

Has anyone else had a 'dead' week?

People at work say it was going to plato, and my body is now used to it - but surely it can't be it.....I've got half way to go yet!

HELP! A very sad tommee :(
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I'm not sure of the protocol with LL but surely weighing yourself everyday is excessive!
You need to weigh yourself just once a week at the end of the week and then take that as your weekly score.
But PLEASE don't be dicouraged by just one weeks weigh in, the way i look at it is you take each week and add up the totals for one month and then you devide by four, that way your get your average loss per week.
You have done SO well so far with such a huge loss!! Sure your weight loss may slow but it won't stop completely!
Just keep at it, get your head up high and don't be discouraged!
Also, i think that 8-9 litres of water a day might be WAY WAY too much, i think the recomended maximum is 5 litres!?

Boogie x


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Tommee please don't drink so much water - too much really isn't good for you at all, in fact it's really dangerous.

I wouldn't worry to much about having a slow weight loss week as from what I've read/heard people who do have a low week have a really high on the week after.

I guess you're right with the daily weight checks! lol

I have become a bit obsessed, as obviously I have been used to seeing it drop. Perhaps this is why its a bad idea!!! Oh well, I shall just wait for Sunday, and hope for the best.

As for the water, I always do about 6 litres. and the other men in my group, so a similar amount, but some weeks up to 9 a day I have heard be mentioned.

I think its different for the ladies, but so far, I've been ok with the 6 litres daily. Do you really think 6 litres is bad???


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It wasn't the 6 that worried me it was the 8-9. Hate to think that you could become ill :)

Don't worry Tomee look at the whole picture
I know what you mean about being obsesive on the scales I am going to drive myself insane if I don't pack it in.
I had a low loss lat night 2.75 pounds and that was only my second week.But I know I have stuck to the programme 100 per cent so I reckon in thw whole scheme of things it will work out.

I drink alot of water too more than 5 litres , but I do pee an awful lot

Bad Week

Hey Tomee

I had a bad "Need to Eat day":mad: yesterday but don't worry about the the scale check that you do all that counts is that its coming off, so you are closer to being more Gorgeous;)(not sure if its spelt right but you know what I mean). LL recommends you drink 4 litres don't try to struggle with more you will get P----D off.
Hi Tommee- don't feel bad, and keep away from the scales til your next weigh in. I don't lose weight regularly through the week- having done the weigh every day thing for a while I noticed that I lose about 1lb tues-fri and 2.5lb sat-mon- who knows why! I certainly don't do more exercise at the weekend. So I have stopped the daily weigh, because there is nothing like seeing the scales stand still to throw you into doubt. You WILL lose more weight and if you take your weekly weights or even just think about your loss so far in such a short time, you know its working. Don't get down!
Thatsthe spirit

See Tomee

Positive thinking wins in the end, no more pre weigh ins and the results on weigh day will make you feel great. This is for you keepup the good work:grouphugg:
Just a quick response - I also got very stuck for the last four days, scales didn't move, but then suddenly today they dropped 2 lbs, so a) scales are unreliable and b) it doesn't last forever!
Good to hear! I weight myself every morning but am only on week 2 so need to but will reduce it when settled! I am worried re your water intake though. My cousin nearly died after drinking to much as she effectively flooded her lungs by drinking too much too fast. You do need to be careful with this & 4-5 litres should be enough! Most people struggle with 2 remember!
She was on a treck and drinking but overdid it. Unsure how much she drank but ended up in a cma. Thankfully ok now but it was touch & go for about 2 weeks as her lungs were flooded effectively as her body couldnt process the water quickly enough. You also dont need to drink that much! the 4-5 litres a day is fine! Have to wonder how you manage to drink that much as I a drinking constantly and just about manage about 4.5 a day!! You must neck it down! Not trying to scare you but it does sound excessive to drink that much & can have serious side effects! My LLC describes it like a water wheel...just keep the wheel going by drinking consistently and slowly! HTH?
Hey Tommee, there have been times when I weigh on my home scale and it says next to nothing loss, then I weigh on LL scales and its 5-6lbs, don't know whats up with that. Congratulations on your tremendous weight loss this week. I guess we both should stay away from the scales! Angela x


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Excellent loss Tommee - well done :)

I decide when I am going to weigh myself and get my husband to hide the scales in between times. Eveen at LL I only get weighed every 2 weeks because no loss or horror of horrors a gain has such a negative effect on my moods. Tommee I would suggest getting someone to look after your scales for the next 2 weeks and you were learn to notice how your body looks and feels different, your clothes feel loser, you can walk quicker without getting out of breath, you can climb two flights of stairs with ease. The scales are just a number, feeling good about your self is worth more than any number of pounds!

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