Bad Week.


Half a pound at a time.
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This week hasn't been the best. No weight loss due to lack of gym and not being as strict on my diet. I think due to the pressure I have given my self over fitting into a dress for my christmas party, i have subconsciously rebelled against the diet. The pressure is off and I am now back to dieting to see where it goes.
Yesterday i had a car crash, was totally my fault. I am so so gutted. My poor beautiful first car is ruined. I have no car, no money to get a car either. My insurance will have gone up and I have to pay £100 for the privilege of scrapping my poor car.

Hope everyone elses week has been better!!!
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Slowly but surely!
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Sorry to hear about your car, not a great time of year for added expense! Hope you get back into the swing of things with the diet as you have done so well :) x


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Oh no! That's absolutely awful about your car - it's a nightmare when things like that happen. Dieting must be the last thing on your mind.

I really hope you get it all sorted. Take care of yourself xx


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Nightmare indeed but thank goodness you're ok!


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Oh poor you hun! :( Like maintainer said, at least you're ok! but what a bummer for you :sigh: Take care
Jackie xx