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Bad Weekend - How Do I Put It Right?


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well, it started on Friday night. Decided to go out with the girls. I had been good all day and didnt have too many points - but the vodka put paid to that:). I calculated 15 (probably more:() for my drinks then I had a chicken kebab. My friend said this was 8, I didnt eat it all either. Saturday morning I got up and had 2 ww cakes (2 points), then went shopping. I hunted high and low for a ww or low cal sandwich but couldn't find one. Close to fainting I had to eat a pack of M&S prawn and mayonnaise sandwiches. For my tea I had salad with a salmon steak. I adore salmon and could eat it every day but GOSH!!!!! it has more points in that a steak. I thought fish was good for you!!!!!! I put that down as 7 points. I then had another ww lemon cake bar and a ww chocolate eclair. My friend brought me a box of chocolates which I gave to my daugher (that was me being good:D) but I ate 2 of them.

So after that, I feel soooooo depressed. I will try to cut back all day today and I am going to try and just eat ww soup. I have had a good breakfast though to keep me going (oats so simple and skimmed milk - 2.5 points). Do you think I can still lose by Tuesday night weigh in - taking into account my fantastic weight loss so far :mad::confused::confused:??? Any tips what I can do?
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I think you're being to hard on yourself with the salmon - according to my book, it's 3.5 points for a medium sized fillet (115g) so unless you had a gigantic one...

The best thing you can do to pull it round now is to reduce your points by your maximum four a day for today and tomorrow and see if you can rack up some exercise points.

You won't pull it all back in time but hopefully it will be enough to make sure it doesn't show on the scales. If you eat less than that, you might well do ok this week but you'll put it all back on next week when you start eating all your points so it's a bit counter productive.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks, yes it was a big salmon steak, its not worth putting the oven on for a salmon steak 115g!!!! I am getting down hearted with this diet already - for what I am eating and only losing a pound a week is disheartening enough, but then coz you go out and enjoy yourself once a week having to worry in case you dont lose - is it worth it???? Sorry, just having a rant. Trying my best and getting nowhere fast :)
Hey hun, down be too down, when you look at what you have eaten its not bad at all!! Especially considering its the weekend!

If you have gone over your points you could save 4 each day until your WI, or do what I do and do some extra exercise. Dance workouts can burn up to 8.5pts per hour!! Or you could go for a swim or something? Worth considering if it will make you feel better!

To lose 1lb a week is to lose 52lbs a year... now thats not at ALL a measly amount is it??! You may not feel like you are able to eat a lot on WW but you are probably used to eating too much and it will just take a while for your stomach to get used to smaller amounts of stuff. Trust me, its much better than most diets I have tried. Check out my thread about my cooked breakfast and maybe that will help xxx
I find a pound a week frustrating as well sometimes but wannab is right - that would be 3 stone 10 in a year - and it's the way doctors say you should lose it - slowly and steadily.

Edited to add: if you know you like a bit of a blowout on a weekend (and who doesn't :) ) why not save your allowed 4 points a day for spending on a good old drink out and a kebab on a Saturday without the frustration and guilt?


Skinny girl in a fat body
That would usually be the plan, but I had no intention of going out. Still, I had a great night so I am glad I did. It does me no good going out though, becasue I think "what the hell ........", I've cheated once so I may as well do it again. Been good all day and now just finished eating 8 terrys chocolate orange segments:(

I will get back on track tomorrow coz I need to do this x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well all I seem to do is winge on this site haha. Anyway, had my wi and I lost half a pound. I know I didn't expect to lose but come on ladies, 2.5lb in three weeks is atrochious. What can I do???? Will it 'kick in' soon do you think? I don't want to waste my time if this diet isn't going to work and I would rather stop sooner than later and try something else. What do you think?
Sorry to hear you are making slow progress.

I guess the questions to ask yourself are:
- are you sticking to it 100%? If you are but are not losing much weight then you might have metabolism problems and might want to try something like low GI instead.
- If you're not sticking to it 100% then it may be that you need to cast about for a diet that suits your lifestyle better.

At the end of the day, all diets will involve making changes to your eating habits and some of those will be hard to do. The trick is to find one you can live with.

Hope that helps.

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