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bad weekend!!

Hi I am new to xenical, I have only been taking them for 5 days and I had a really bad weekend and I am now paying the price. The tangoing started last night around 7pm and is still happening today. I just wondered how long it lasts for as it is disgusting. (I know I bought it all on myself but i never realised it would be THIS bad lol)

I have had to totally abandon what I had planned for today as I just can't keep off the toilet. I shall definately never binge like that again. Lesson learnt lol!

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gunna be a fatty for ever
Hiya hun!

Try not to worry bout going off plan! Lesoon has now been learnt! The amount of time it lasts is different for each person. Its a bit of a learning curve you just have to move on!

Good luck hun

thanks guys! well they stopped at 1pm today so not that bad! i never thought it would stop though. Definately lesson learnt!! so does that mean if I only eat low fat things then those symptoms will not occur?
Have a good read round the forum and you'll learn loads. As has been said, eat food with no more than 5g of (total) fat per 100g and no more than 15g of fat per meal. Read food label carefully and you'll soon get the hang of it. Good luck,

KB x
Well know you know what being Tango'd is, not nice is it but that is of course the whole reason why Xenical works. Join my new hobby in reading Food labels ;) I take twice as long shopping now because of it but do remember one thing, Xenical does not know the difference between good and bad fat so when a label reads 10g fat; 7g unsaturated, it makes no difference, to Xenical and your body it is 10 g of fat which means you might get tango'd :sick:

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