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bad weeks and body patterns


Speaks as she finds
i (probably like many women) seem to have 2 bad weeks in every month and 2 good weeks!
when i say "bad", i am still losing weight BUT it is usually between 1-3 pound and then the other 2 weeks its 5 pound ish, so i am not fussed BUT i have also noticed other strange things about my body, such as.........every other totm i am really emotional and cry at the drop of a hat, and then the next month i am aggressive and angry (usually to my poor hubby or others that i love!!) now apparently this is because you ovulate from one side or the other and each seem too have their own "side effects" cleverly i have now realised that my youngest son was conceived from my angry side!!

anyway getting back to the point....
This 2 weeks good, 2 weeks bad, thing was one of my biggest problems on other diets because in the 2 weeks that i was gaining weight or staying the same, it depressed me and i ate more therefore making me lose first then gain then lose then gain .....not really getting anywhere!! has anyone else noticed things about their bodies now you are paying more attention to it?

sorry for rambling a bit!!! lol
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Hi Yes i also have 2 bad weeks - totm week and the week after i just struggle so bad!! Im thinking of doing ss+ on these weeks so im not tempted to cheat. x
I thought I was the only one!! This is why I love this site! Although I am fairly early on into my CD journey I have also noticed the two bad week/two good week thing! (the bad ones seem to be the wk b4 totm and the wk of totm) It was really getting to me but I feel better knowing it's not just me! xx
This is interesting....
I am totm this week, so don't know what my loss will be, but I do know that I am so tired!!!
Have just been back to bed..... but I know this is just my body adjusting so will go with the flow :)

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