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Bag of Spuds!!!!!!


WILL do it!
Today at work I went into the pantry to get some stuff for dinner and spotted a HUGE sack of potatoes containing 50 lbs of spuds. It hit me that 50 lbs is about half of what I want to lose, so I decided to see how heavy the bag was to get an idea of how much lighter I would feel after losing weight. My God it was stupidly heavy, could hardly pick it up at all - and I want to lose TWO of these!

I think its made me more determined though, because I get problems with my knee and it doesnt take a genius to know that losing the weight of two huge bags of spuds would make my knee feel better.

Anyone ever experienced anything similar?
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Yes! And it amazes me to think that up and down the yo yo dieting course of my life I have carried more than a few sacks of spuds and not been overly aware of the weight. Makes you realise just how marvellous our bodies really are. My final commitment now to myself is to lose a couple those bags. When I do, do you think I'll be able to fly?


WILL do it!
yes lol u might even have to tie yourself down to something so u dont float off :)


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I've lost a bag of spuds and a bit now :D - when I lost 50lbs, a few weeks ago, I was chatting to my mum, and we were trying to think how much that represented, and we came up with a bag of spuds too!

I cannot believe that I was carrying that round with me, but I do feel less physically tired after walking and things now...


WILL do it!
yeah i can imagine. im amazed at how much extra weight im carrying around with me every single day of my life without even noticing. no wonder i get out of breath and red-faced easily.

congrats on the weight loss! a whole big bag of spuds is quite an achievement :D


WILL do it!
makes u think 'why the hell do we do this to ourselves?'

no food could ever possibly be so nice to justify us knowingly carrying all this weight around
I think that all the time, why do we do this to ourselves? Food surely is not worth all this!


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I lift bags of horse feed at work, 15kg and 25kg. It's amazing doing that in relation to the weight I was carrying around, and when thinking about the excess weight I'm still carrying. They're so much easier to move about than they used to be though, it's a great reminder of how well I'm doing :)

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