Ballerina's diary


Hi all! Though I'd start recording my journey for all to see and read.

Here's a bit about me:
I'm 45 and have been dieting since I was 15 - I first went to WW when I was at school! Since then, I've done every diet going. I did CD about 20 years ago before my first marriage, then before my second one 4 years ago, did LL. Never quite got to goal and didn't go through maintenance, so here I am again!

Started CD last week with my sister - she has had just about the same weigh yo-yo life as me. But this is the last time! I can't keep going through this!

Well, we weighed in for the first time last week, and both had over 5 stone to lose - which we were both prepared for.

This week after one week, I had lost an amazing 13 pounds!! I nearly fell off the scales in shock. Then Di, my sister, got on and lost 6.5. Normally she would be pleased with that, but after mine, she was a little disappointed. But she is sticking with it and happy.

Well, I'll keep you all posted on my journey. Might not be able to post every day (teenage girls take over my computer!) but I'll be in when I can.

Speak soon!

Congratulations on you and your sister starting CD and you have both done so well in the first week. we are all different and the number of pounds lost in the first week can vary a lot. You will both continue to do well
Irene xx
Wonderful start Jackie .... and wow what a weight loss!

Know what you mean about teenagers .......... what is it with them and computers/mobile phones??!!!

Keep it up - and look forward to reading more in your diary to slimdom!
Brilliant - I've just started this week. Good Luck !!!!
Hiya Jackie...

glad to see you've started your own diary, now I just need to figure out how to subscribe to it so I can keep up with you :)

Well done on your 13lbs off - what a great start, def an incentive to keep going :D

Keep shaking:p
Well, Day 10 for me! Bought myself a hand blender yesterday and made the mousse with ChocMint shake. I can honestly say it was lovely! Never thought I'd say that about one of the shakes.

Today I'm going to try the cookies. Has anyone made them before and got any tips for me please. Don't want to waste a bar.

Got a busy week at work this week so won't even have time to think about food. Must make sure I drink enough though. Not good when I'm in meetings and have to keep going out for the loo!:)

Thanks for all your kind words - it is great to have support from you all!
Hi Jackie,
day 10 wow you go girl :D

Careful making the cookies with the bars - they tend to burn - tried one yesterday and it burnt - maybe try in the oven - seeing as you have no microwave at the mo, spose thats your only option tho lol - the lighterlife bars weem to cook better than the cd ones - tho the cd ones are much tastier!

Maybe someone else will be able to advise you on that one - or just do em with half a bar so if they do burn least you won't have wasted a whole one!
Had a go at the cookies - they weren't too bad. Got a new microwave yesterday Geri, so I was OK. No more muffins in the oven (that sounds rude!!). Not sure how often I'll do the cookies - I did miss the chewy of the bars and being a sweet tooth, missed kidding myself they were real choc bars!!

Seem to be struggling today - I'm ready for my 3rd shake and it's only 5.30. Coffee and water coming up!
Hi Jackie,
just found this and thought of you - so thought I'd stick it on here where you'll see it! Coz your user name is Ballerina, not coz you look like a frog hahahahha


good luck for your weigh in if you manange to get there tonight.

Speak to you soon
Hi all,

Have been sooooooooo busy this week, this is the first chance I've had to talk to you all.

I was working in Scotland on Thursday so what with the winds down here and the snow in Scotland, I thought I wouldn't get back that night. Did get back sometime after 10, so missed my weigh in, which was a bit disappointing. But should have a good loss next week!

My sister lost 7 this week, so that made up for her disappointment last week. It all balances out in the end.

I've been struggling a bit over the weekend - haven't gone off SS, but it's been close. Nothing in particular, just food in general. And cooking the Sunday roast today will be tough.
But I'll have a shake or bar ready at that time so I won't be tempted. And of course a bottle or two of water!

Does anyone know Ali's name she uses to log in? We both started on the same day and I replied to her post, but forgot to register myself and now I can't find her! It will be good to see how she is going.

That's about it from me at the mo - be back soon.

x x x x
Well, my week 3 weigh in was on Thursday, but it's taken me this long to get my act together to let you all know.

I lost another 8lbs (over 2 weeks) so I reached 1.5 stone! Over the moon! My sister had a blip and only lost half a pound - she was so disappointed and really in ketosis, so we don't know what went wrong there. Hoping for a great loss from her next week.

Anne-Marie - how are you doing? I know we started around the same time.

That's all from me for now - will try to get on a bit more often next week, although I've got another busy one coming up.

x x x
Week 4 weigh in


Well, another good week for me - another 4lb off, so that's 25 in 4 weeks! Unbelievable (Geri, take note!):)

Mind you, I reckon it's doing alot of walking with a big rucksack on my back carrying my work about - I'm like a soldier on training!

This week I'm in add a meal. A bit scary as I want to make sure I don't overdo it. Worried that eating a little bit of something might make me want to eat something else. But I'll have to pull in will power to help me.

I'll let you know how I get on..............

x x x
What has happened to my tracker?

Had trouble updating my tracker, and when I have, it's pushed everything out.

Anyone know what's going wrong???:( :confused:
I have taken note Jackie :D

bloomin well done to'll be fine on the aam, just see it as part of the plan, which it is anyway lol

ooh and yes, suprise suprise I am going strong, day 4 tomorrow!
I've lost my way today

I can't believe I've done it. I've eaten stuff not on AAM week and now I'm really regretting it. I haven't gone mad, but I know I've gone off the plan:cry:

I'll hopefully be back on it ok tomorrow. I had to work at home today and I don't know what happened. I'm only in week 5 and I'm worried I won't be able to get back to SS again.

Go to my weigh in on thursday and now I'm not looking forward to it.

Sorry to go on - just had to let it out somewhere!
Hi Jackie,

Going off plan is no excuse to throw the towel in!

Look at it as a learning process and try to identify what was the cause behind this slip.

It is not what you do one day that will put on the weight or take it is what you do each and every day.

Changing your habits take time and the best thing you can do is be patient with yourself and remember why you want to lose weight.

I know it can be very upsetting when you have been doing so well but please put it behind you and wipe your tears and remember practice makes perfect.

I hope your doing okay.

Love Mini xxx
I agree with mini!
we all have our off days.
dont beat yourself up about it.
just dont do it again!
the dissappointing thing is that it could take you a while to get back into ketosis, on the other hand you might be ok? it depends what you ate and how much!!?
just understand that its this craving you have to learn to control!
drink more water and keep busy when your in that picking mood!
keep going and dont let a little set back like this put you off!
you can do it.
i lost 3 stone in only 2 months so i know it works!
Thank you both so much - wish I had read these before Friday when I had another bad day. Back on course now, but really struggling. I'm drinking the water and coffee and I've done loads of cleaning today!

Also just looked at the thread for before/after photos - such inspiration! I know I can do it. Just have to make my body feel the same way again!

Thanks again - it's nice to know I can come here to let off steam and you all know what I'm going through.

x x x
6 week weigh in

Hi all,

Well 6 weeks in and another 5lb off! :) Couldn't believe it really after my blip last week but bodies are funny things. Really pleased with the loss.

Managed to get into 16 jeans yesterday, so now I know it's all worth it and will make me do it properly again - I didn't manage a SS day for 2 weeks! Nothing major being eaten, just a bit of ham or chicken, but couldn't do one day without it.:(

Had a bad cold all week and been having lemsips and beechams, so I've knocked myself out of ketosis, but hopefully tomorrow can start getting myself back in again. I've just drawn myself a water chart to tick off, so it will make me focused again. So hard to stick to this when you are feeling lousy:sigh:

Hope you are all doing well.

x x x x