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Red Days Balls balls balls .......

My version of swearing :p

Oh, i`m so cross with myself. I`ve done so well all week, and stuck to plan and was so proud of myself. Had brekkie today and then had some errands to do, so i made sure i had a pack up with me (nimble wholemeal ham sarnie, fresh fruit salad, bottle of water, pear).

But ... met up with someone (lovely person) ... who wanted to feed me after a long drive, and they`re helping me out with something really important, so it`d would have been rude to keep saying no when they we`re so lovely and insistant ... I ended up having 2 1/2 slices of toast, with some cheese on top. It was white homemade bread (sort of Nimble sized though) ... with cheese on that was like cathedral city ... With a bit of butter.

But don`t know what cheese it actually was, or what syns to give it ? ..... Don`t want to not have any syns for days to cover all bases, as i know i will just throw the towel in ... but don`t know what to count it as either ... please can someone help, i`m so close to saying "sod it" and hitting the choccy cupbaord :(
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No don't sod it, it was only some bread and cheese. You w been food otherwise and couldn't turn down their kind offer.

I'd either syn the bread which you could base on normal White, and treat the cheese as cathedral city normal and Syn it.

Or don't count it but adjust your syn intake for the rest of the week with it in mind.

Keep going hun it's not like you binged x


Put the kettle on
Average white bread per slice is around 4-5 syns and cheese is generally around 6 per ounce (30g). No idea on butter sorry as i dont have it.

I guess youve got two options count the syns and compensate the rest of the day/week or if it makes you feel better draw a line under it, get back on plan right now, forget it happened and carry on as normal. It all depends on how your body will react and how much you want to lose this week. Option one might be best for the scales but two might be best for your mind.
Average white bread per slice is around 4-5 syns


You sure? Are we talking huge slices???
Because my book says 3 syns per slice...but maybe this is for the 400g loaf??

Wow that's a lot..never gonna touch that stuff again (hardly eat it anyway...)

Don't give up the plan!!!!
We can be flexible with our syns - can't we?? Even the book says that on occasions we could just up our syns for the day (set a limit - like 50) without having to eat less the following days.


Put the kettle on
Medium slice on regular loaf is around 80 cals and thick slice is about 100. So works out 4-5. I seem to recall my book saying four for medium sliced white (have to admit its been a while since i ate bread and checked it)!
Ok ... well the bread was most def Nimble 400g sized ... so 3 syns according to my book, so 7.5 syns for the bread.

The cheese going on Cathedral City is 6 syns per 28g .... It was fine slices so i`m going to say 90g ... 18 syns

The butter was thinly spread, and the toast was cold so it hadn`t had loads on and melted in so 10g ... 3.5 syns

So a total of 29 syns, take away 15 syns for today = 14 syns .... and tbh i`ve only been using between 7 - 10 syns every day this week, so have got a bit of leeway now i`ve looked backed.

So glad i didn`t just blow it off. Line under it, and keep syns to a minimum over the weekend.

Thankyou guys x
This may be five hours too late, but STOPPPPP!!!! I know we're not supposed to use shouty stuff on Minimins, but you're doing so well. Mr H took me out tonight for a lovely meal, lots of wine, a whisky etc. But the whole idea of SW is every now and then just let your hair down. That's what I love about SW, you can give into temptation every now and again, but get back on the wagon, and that's why it works! xx

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