Balsamic vinegar - is it synned?


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I have looked online , it only says balsamic dressing, dont know if this the same, yes 2.5 syn per tblsp


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As far as i'm aware all vinegar is free the dressing has oil in it thats why its synned.

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That's ok then because there is a recipe for a syn free bbq sauce which includes 4tbsp of balsamic vinegar!
Thanks for your help and quick replies.


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I don't think the dressing and just vinegar are the same. The dressing tends to have other things added which adds to the Syn value.

I've been taking it as vinegar, which is free but I have just put a standard balsamic vinegar into the Syn calculator and it comes out at 1/2 a Syn per tbsp.


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Basic/Non Branded Foods Dressing, Vinegar, all varieties per 100ml

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Original Free
Green Free

Hope this helps!!


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I was wondering this as well, but I took 'Vinegar - all varieties' from the book to include balsamic, so I'm glad that's the case!


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dressing will have oil init. Vinegar is fine