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Bananas - How many is ok?????????


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Free food is free food - none of it has a limit. Just be sensible with what you eat and personally I think eating three portions of fruit is sensible. Much better than snacking on crisps / chocolate etc.

grapes and banana's have loads of sugar.........if u notice they don't have any letters next to them in the book......too many banana's will slow your weight loss........and only small banana's not the huge ones....this is from my class leader.....
I definitely remember people saying they didn't lose much if they ate lots of bananas. Doesn't seem to bother my losses though, so guess it's just something you need to monitor yourself. Good luck!


Bananas are sooo good.

Why not do an experiement with yourself; eat loads of bananas one week, and then eat NO bananas another week.

If you lose more weight on the non-banana week then you will know that bananas have an impact on your weightloss.

:) hope that helps
my swc always says everything in moderation and more than 1 banana a day may be the cause of a slow weight loss

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