S: 12st8.8lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st0.8lb(8.37%)
Do you eat a lot?

I vaguely remember when i used to go to class, that some people claimed bananas slowed their losses. does anyone else find this?

I've had a really disappointing loss again this week, despite being really good, and am looking for possible explanations. i eat 2 bananas a day....

Other than that I can't find a decent explanation...I only really eat fruit and yoghurt before lunch time, which is usually syn free too. The only syns I do eat are in meals (like maybe a bit of cheese, or creme fraiche). i only have between 5-8 syns on a normal day, sometimes less. I am exercising, but not enough to get muscly. It's all a mystery.

can anyone help me solve it?

I don't feel like quitting, because tbh ee fits really nicely into my life, but i do want to lose more than a pound a week, particularly the week after Christmas gains. I do know that 1lb a week is 4stone a year, and hooray for that, but I have to put a swimming costume on in public soon, and would like to do it with some dignity left!!!

Thanks all.x
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Sorry i'm not sure, i cut down on the amount of banana's i was eating because they contain alot of (fruit) sugar compared to other fruit.

Try a week with less bananas and see what the difference in weight loss is.


dont be too hard on yaself katherine, 1lb loss is goodoh at least its in the right direction, i was the same as u last week but 1 banana a day, mind you i was having plenty of those little sweet oranges and an apple a day aswel so it could be that having too much fruit isnt good? will be interesting to see if others have any stories to tell.


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Bananas can slow weight loss down in some people. Most of the calories in a banana come from carbohydrates, both naturally forming simple sugars and starch forms its carbohydrate content

I know SW isn't based on calories, but weight loss is. weight loss comes from calories in v calories out.

Take a look at the calorie content for fruit and if you're eating 14 bananas a week it's quite a lot of extra calories compared to an apple. I can't eat more than a couple of bananas in a week before my weight loss slows to near nothing.

Banana 107 calories
Apple (1 average) 44 calories
Satsuma one average 112g 29 cals
Nectarines 42 calories
Tomatoes (1 average size) 9 cals


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Also, I think ripe bananas are higher GI than unripe ones, so you get a sugar rush and they don't fill you up for long. I go through phases with bananas, having one a day then not having any for a week. Try and vary the types of food that you're eating.


S: 12st8.8lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st0.8lb(8.37%)
Some good advice. Think I'll try and limit them and see what happens. What else to have for breakfast though? I like cereal and am happy to use them as HXB, but use all of my milk (HXA) on tea and coffee. If I syn 1/2 pint of skimmed milk, how much would it be?

Thanks for help you guys!


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S: 24st8.5lb C: 22st10lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 1st12.5lb(7.69%)
skimmed milk is 4 and a 1/2 syns for half a pint

I often have a yogurt and some melon for breakfast, it makes a change from cerial cos i often like to have cerial for supper.

Another option is 2 slices ww bread (hexB) with 2 teaspoons of jam at 1/2 a syn per teaspoon.


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Try having yoghurt on ur cereal instead of milk.leaving ur milk for ur tea & coffee.
i have weetabix with yoghurt & fruit on top its really tasty


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how about quorn sausages, tinned toms, eggs, mushrooms for brekkie if you have time (??????) or maybe on the week-end as a change?

I stick to my oats-so-simple with a banana chopped up in it or some sultanas (4 syns for 28g) to make it a bit sweeter if I've got a sweet tooth that day......I think (could be wrong) that you can make oats so simple with water not milk....sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!

I also used to put water on my malties (like shreddies but sainsburys own version of....) and then warm slightly in the microwave.....really sounds gross but honestly wasn't and they taste sweeter like that than they do with milk on them....don't know why!!!!

thats all I can think of to save on milk!!


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I read somewhere that your 5 a day portions should be 3 veg and 2 fruit, but try to make each portion a different fruit/veg. So instead of 2 bananas try swaping one with an apple or an orange and see if it makes a difference. :)


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i cant eat bananas if they are too yellow but i may be wierd as i also like plums etc but not when they are too ripe lol


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I'm with you on that one soon as they are yellow I don't like them anymore! they taste too much like the smell of bananas then if that makes any sense to anyone other than me!!!!!! my hubby will eat them when they are black which just makes me retch...


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I'm exactly the same! Thought it was just me being weird lol. I won't even peel one with marks on the outside in case the flesh is bruised and has that funny sweet smell. I like them greenish yellow x


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I will have a 2 egg omelette for breakfast sometimes. It's really quick and I find I don't get hungry mid-morning.