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Barbecue Tips


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I'm holding a barbecue saturday for some friends....we are all bringing our own food!
I want to make it a red day as i have an awful lot of green this week!
I just wanted some tips on what kind of meats/burgers/sausages i could cook that would be syn free or super low syn

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We had a BBQ yesterday and I made the SW KFC chicken, I cheated though and cooked it mainly in the oven with the last 10 mins or so on the BBQ. It was really tasty and then I ate it cold for tea too. I only did quorn sausages and burgers which aren't the nicest things so will watch this thread for other ideas.:)


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I love fish wrapped in foil and done on the barbie especially sardines. Yummy and full of calcium. Kebabs with lamb and loads of veg like courgettes mushroom peppers done on Rosemary sprigs if you have any xx


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We're having a BBQ sometime in the next few weeks and are going to buy lots of stuff from Joes Sausages website, dunno if you have enough time to put in an order tho so I would do homemade burgers using extra lean beef mince and pork mince, seasoning, an egg and some cumin served in wholemeal rolls with extra light mayo and salad.
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I am raging that Joe's sausages don't deliver to Northern Ireland, as I hear so many great reports about them here :cry:
However, my local butcher does do SW sausages, so I suppose it's not all bad!

What about kebabs with meat and veg marinated in some spices for your BBQ, or even some king prawns?


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Babybel burgers - I have been making them for years and my friends all love them.

Basically you make your own burgers to which ever recipe you prefer. I use extra lean mince beef, very finely grated onion, salt and a few teaspoons of dijon mustard (synned).

What I then do is take a babybel cheese (normal or light) and cut in half so you have 2 discs, rather than 2 semi-circles (if that makes sense). I then pop these in the middle of the burgers and mould the meat mixture around.

Great thing about these is that you can tell when the burgers are fully cooked as the cheese starts to bubble through.

I also made a variation of these this weekend using lean lamb mince, mint and used feta in the middle. yum!

I also make lots of homemade coleslaw - grated carrots, onions and white cabbage mixed with Hellamns light.

Prawns on skewers marinated in frylight, chopped garlic and red chili.

BBQ's are so great for SW!


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tandori chicken .. you can buy the big bags of tandori masala powder just marinade overnight in the powder and fat free yogurt then put on the skewers with peppers onions mushrooms.
similar is make your own sheekh kebabs loads recipes online just swap the lamb mince for extra lean beef :)
mmmmmmm my mouth is watering now


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OMG, those Babybel burgers sound amazing! We're most likely going to a BBQ on Saturday night, I think I might make some of these and take them along!

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WW premium pork sausages are only 0.5 syns each and are thick and really meaty.
KFC style chicken drumsticks are delicious.
Homemade beef burgers with the mini babybel are great, or you could use Laughing cow extra light cheese triangles instead and its just as nice.
I love making lamb kebabs as well - lamb mince, mint, coriander, paprika, tumeric, garlic granules, chili powder, tandoori powder blended with some lemon juice...delicious!


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Don't want to wet on your weekend BBQ but the weather might :( :( rain is forecast)


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prawns few squirts of fry light with garlic chilly and a squirt of lime and cooked on the bbq is nice
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beef burgers

Oh and also slimming world beef burgers and chips aswell. Its amazing what you can eat on this diet.Ive been on lots of diets before but your so restricted.I love my food so this diet really works for me.x :)
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Mushrooms, cougettes, red onion, baby corn (and anything else you fancy so long as it is free, I add asparagus sometimes) just make sure it is all cut to the same size - season with cajun pepper or just black pepper, wrap in foil to make a parcel and then just put on BBQ - make sure it is not on high flame, but it steams and cooks in its own juices.


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Roast Veg

This is very similar to a couple of other posts. I cut up shallots, mushrooms, peppers (R,Y,O&G) courgettes, augergine (optional) put into large bowl. Spray with FryLight & sprinkle over Schwartz Spanish Roast Veg mix. Leave for 30 mins or more to let flavours develope. As the full 15g packet is 2 Syns on all and only a tiny amount is used, the syn value is just a trace. Spread onto large rack & roast over coals, turning frequently and spraying as necessary - Yummy!


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We went to a bbq last weekend and put tescos cheese and tomato (frozen) sausages on - they are bloody gorgeous!!! 1.5 syns on all plans, well worth it

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