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S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Some of you may remember me saying I was going to a barbeque this evening. Well I went with my family but no-one else knew I was doing LT and I didn't really want them to know.

As I suspected, there was no way of not eating so I duly filled my plate with a piece of chicken, a sausage and some pasta and cucumber!

Before I had even sat down the sausage had gone (thanks son!) and my daughter helped herself to the pasta and cucumber. Finally my son had the chicken for me.

Later I had a piece of toffee cheesecake which disappeared into son's hands!!!!

I honestly wasn't tempted (although the cherry toms and fresh peppers looked good) I know I could have told them but with a sarky teenage boy and 3 of the 4 neighbours being obese themselves I just felt it was easier to not draw attention to my lack of eating.

I just sat and sipped my water and managed 1.5L in the time.

Daughters friend did looked confused when the food went to the children instead of in me but a quick explanation was all she needed.

Coward? Yep, that's me, but one neighbour is as sarky as his son and I really could do without him ragging me about it for the next few years. (He still teases me for nearly burning down my kitchen and that was over 3 years ago!!!!!)

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Congratulations and well done!

It was a real challenge and you passed it with flying colours!!!


Love Mini xxx


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Well done Cuddly fairy
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S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thanks Mini,

I really wasn't interested in eating and I knew there was no way I'd risk my WI on Monday with food but I just didn't want to be the butt of their jokes all evening. Bless my wonderful children. They thought it was a right laugh and I must admit to being very amused by their not as subtle as it could have been attempts to clearing my plate!!!

S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Well done San, it's easy not eating but for me it was the not letting on that was hard.

I spent 10 mins earlier whisking up the doube cream into peaks so it could be spooned on the desserts. Didn't even want to lick my finger.

Do you feel as buzzed as me now? It is such a great feeling knowing you have survived with ketosis intact! Lol!



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wooohooooooooooo well done that girlie!!!

god i love how we all rock on here!!!

the determination within each and every one of us is truely staggering!

LipoTrim - in the words of a grease invested food chain.....

......I'M LOVIN' IT !!!!! ;)

rainbow brite

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Absolutely brilliant show of willpower Cuddly!! Lesser women would have had major problems but you just showed everyone on here how it's done. Bless those kids of yours as well ;)
I cooked a BBQ for my family last night and didnt touch any of it !!!! The strange thing is though i still need to be in control of the food making I gain pleasure in cooking it and not eating. Nearly completed my first week on LP and feel pretty good first WI in tomorrow.
Well done everyone and many thanks for the comfort and inspiration i get from here
That's brilliant, well done!
My best friend is having a BBQ this afternoon for her twins birthday and i was wondering what i was going to do (she knows, but nobody else does)....I now have the answer, lol....Thank you!!!! x
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Hey, I have done this before as well. At a family celebration my brother cleaned my plate and yesterday at the wedding - my friends and family loved me for the extra wine (cousin), champagne (cousin), meals (friend) and desserts I passed onto them (pregnant sister inlaw was especially appreciative of the dessert!) lol


Well done everyone who has had the willpower not to eat at barbeques, weddings, parties etc !
I had to make excuses for not eating or drinking alcohol, e.g stomach upset, antibiotics , as I didn't tell ANY of my family or friends!


a new way of living!
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thats amazing well done, i am sure i would have been tempted just a little, good for you.

mind you - i was walking round pershore ealier, and all the signs and smells advertising sunday lunch were out, but it didn't interest me in the slightest. i said to keith, to be honest, i'd rather have a light salad if anything.

i think after this, if we avoid the food that used to 'control' us before, we will be slim for life! :D:D:D:D:D


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well done hun, knew you would. And bless you're children!! So sweet and well trained!!
Well done CF - you have found a use for the teenagers!!!!!
Mine is cleaning his quarters - moaning and groaning all the while!!! He just passed the living room door brandishing the mop and bucket - let's hope he's put some soapy water in it eh??:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thanks Chele. Mmmmmmm, sweet and well-trained - I wish!!!

Thanks Julie. No moaning coz food was involved but if you ask them to tidy their pig-sty's then they moan and whinge for England!!!! Lol!

OMG but I'm feeling buzzed today! The sun is shining and I have a WI tomorrow. I really hope I hit my target but if I don't, I won't mind coz I fitted into a size 16 skirt earlier - Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!



Says it as it is!!!
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lol well done hun..nice plan...I have just finished my family BBQ and i am knackered!!! Bought a waterslide for the errrrr kids ...god, it was fab!!!

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