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Bars after 1 week?


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I've just come back from seeing my CDC after my first week and have eaten my first bar but now i'm worried coz some people seem to be saying you shouldnt have them until after the first 2 weeks?

Can someone advise please?

*I cut the choc one up into thin slices and put it in the freezer it is honestly almost as good as eating bits of mars - beautiful!*
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The Diet Guy
It is recommended that you don't have them for the first 2 weeks to allow ketosis to full kick in, but if you and your counsellor are happy that you are in ketosis and doing well then don't worry about it and enjoy it.

The guidance is more advisory than concrete and is there to make getting into ketosis easier and quicker.



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Thanks M

I dont know whether I'm in ketosis but I assume that I am because I am now feeling less hungry and more lively! Also I had a first week loss of 9lbs so do you think she thought that i was well into the ketosis?
I felt I needed some solids in my diet the second week of SSing and compromised with a bar every other day.
My CDC agreed becuase I was still feeling v.hungry.When I did eat my first bar my stomach did feel a little uncomfortable but every bar since has gone down a treat:D


The Diet Guy
Hiya Jodie

Sounds like ketosis to me, if you also have that weird taste in your mouth and feel colder than usual then they are strong signs you are there, the fact you say you are feeling like you have more energy is a definate sign.

Anyway hang in there and enjoy those bars , they were always my favourite and the malt toffee is still a treat when I have one.



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thanks all.

I must say that the choc bar tonight was total heaven ! It was so nice to have something solid rather than a shake.

I do feel colder than usual and I've had the funny taste in my mouth so i reckon i'm probably in ketosis.



The Diet Guy
Definately in ketosis, now just protect it as while you are in ketosis the diet is much easier as you aren't physically hungry and hence keeping abstinant is so much easier.

Anyway well done and enjoy your bar!


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yea i'm not hungry at all which is great - i've never been on a diet before where i havent been hungry! lol

Just read your weight loss M - 12 stone! omg what a fantastic achievement - well done! and an even bigger well done for keeping it off - you must be so proud of yourself.

I started on bars in my second week as well. It definately gave me that kick start to help me after my first week, just gives that little bit extra choice! Good luck with everything
i think it is effected by your environment as when im not at work im happy enough to not have bars. But when im at work and everyone is eating its nice to have something to have to feel "normal" with.... i did find first of all though i was more hungry but i got use to it!!! I think its cos the bars have more carbs which can give you cravings


Fed up of being fat
Im going to try one next week, I would like to be able to have something to just nibble on now and again while I move over to ss this week. Knowing my luck though I probably wont like them. lol

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