Bars and wind! Sorry if TMI LOL

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by minxie, 1 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. minxie

    minxie One day at a time!

    This is week 3 for me and I've introduced the bars. Yesterday I had the peanut crunch one which was fine. Today I had the cranberry one for lunch which was delicious, however I've had awful trapped wind all afternoon - something that I've not had since being on CD. Does this happen to anyone else? Does it improve? I'd hate to have to give up the bars as they make a nice change. :(
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  3. JessR

    JessR Full Member

    Oh dear Minxie LOL! Sorry have no real good advice I'm afraid - just hope that you sort this problem out very soon (especially before our next shift.

    Actually, I know that when I had the bars last time, I used to cut them up into really small peices and eat them over the course of the afternoon rather than in 1 meal - iykwim. Make sure you drink extra water too.
  4. kelsocool

    kelsocool Speaks as she finds

    I am the unofficial peanut bar tester :)
    I went against all advice (as i often do....bit of a rebel Lol) and used to eat one a day which was fine, then because i loved them i was cocky and tried two which made me fart like a trooper ALL day!!! Then i pushed it once more and three.......MY GOD i couldnt move because of the cramps and trapped wind in my stomach!!!! So the bottom line here is stick to the advice........DONT EAT MORE THAN 1 A DAY and dont forget the extra water!!! :)
  5. minxie

    minxie One day at a time!

    LOL - don't tell anyone at work!! I might have to give them up if this continues as it's jolly uncomfortable.

    How are you doing today? Is your knee any better?
  6. JessR

    JessR Full Member

    I wonder if peppermint water is allowed on SS?

    My knee is still very stiff but the swelling is starting to go down slightly. I want it to be better very soon as next week I may need to get into all sorts of positions - lol! I'm having my 2nd WI tomorrow - fingers crossed that my birthday didn't damage it too much :-(
  7. minxie

    minxie One day at a time!

    Good luck with your WI - let us know how it goes:)
  8. MissPinky

    MissPinky Shrinky Pinky!

    Windeze capsules: 1 bar + 1 capsule (+ additional water) = socially acceptable CDer!
  9. minibum

    minibum Full Member

    It's funny I hadn't thought about them causing trapped wind but now you mention it I had really bad cramps last week with them and they haven't been as bad over the last couple of days when I ran out! Mmm will have to keep on eye on it -like you I really like the bars too! Maybe we need to drink more water with them.
  10. boardwitless

    boardwitless Silver Member

    I'm having 2 a day with no side effects - I do nibble them though and make them last for ages
  11. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

    I find that the smooth bars cause less problem. The worst is the cranberry so I've stopped them. I have 1 orange bar each evening when I get home and I've recently enjoyed the chocolate bar as well.
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