Bars into cookies?


Focused & goin for goal!
I've only tried the choc bars being made into cookies. Have people used any of the other bars? Were they any good?

If I 'cooked' the bar tonight, will it still be ok (and crisp) tomorrow if the cookies were left to cool and then put into an air-tight container?

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Focused & goin for goal!
How do you make then in to cookies?

Many thanks

Hi Anna. I've just copied this off the recipes section for you:

Ingredients :
1 VLCD Bar
Utensils :
1 Small share knife
3 Medium sized microwaveable plates (somewhere between a side plate and a dinner plate)
1 Fish Slice / Plastic Slicer
Method :
Take your VLCD bar, ideally from the fridge, and remove and discard wrapper.
Using the sharp knife, cut the bar into 12 evenly sized pieces. Place all 12 sections on one of the plates.
Position 3 of the piece on a further plate, evenly space as photo.

Pop this plate into a microwave oven on cook for 60 seconds in an 800w microwave oven.
Meanwhile, arrange a further 3 pieces on a new plated (This routine gives you two played on which to cook the biscuits and one plate on which they can cool.)
When the first batch of three biscuits has cooked it should look like below.

When these have cooked use the fish slice to remove them from the hot plate and then flip them over to cool on your cold plate. Turning them over to cool is vital for some reason.
Put the next batch of 3 pieces into the oven, and use the first plate to position the next 3 slices.
Continue this routine until all 12 pieces of the VLCD bar have been cooked in batches of 3 and transferred to your cooling plate.
The final 12 should resemble this

Finally allow the cookies to fully cool as they go crunchy and last longer.
These can then be stored in zip-lock bags and used for eating when out and about and works very well. They are far more portable then shakes or soups and doesn't excite any comment if people see you eating them in public.
Please note this recipe and photos were kindly supplied by Cleo from the Discovery Health & Leisure Forums and I thank her for them :)
PLEASE NOTE : A couple of people have mailed me to say they have burnt the biscuits and they started smoking after 30 seconds, therefore I strongly recommend you "know" your own microwave and reduce the time to start with and build up to the time as all microwaves are different. Also these must be done in a microwave with a turntable otherwise they will burn within 10 seconds.