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Bars & Wind!!!

Hi everyone

I'm feeling FAB after my great week 1 loss today and have already been enjoying the flavoured water powders and bars (had one last night and one just now for lunch).

Before I begin to get excited about them every day, can someone put my mind at ease about the wind situation. Sorry to be so gross and so personal!!!

Last night I ate a bar around 8.30pm and by 11.30pm I was the windy-est I'd been in ages, then just after 11.45pm I had to get out of bed to 'pay a visit' which was very unpleasant!!!

Will this be the bars or is it just pure coincidence? I had not 'been' for a couple of days anyway and had felt a little gurgly around the tummy area yesterday morning.

Please tell me this was a coincidence! I have a naturally gentle tummy anyway, so the slightly thing that doesn't agree with me and its right out hours later! As I plan on having a bar every day at work for lunch so save faffing with my hand blender, it will relieve my concerns to get your experience / thoughts etc!!!

Thank you so much again
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I agree with Eileen - it soon wears off and you become used to the bars. They help keep you regular :) along with lots of water. Good luck Bridejoo!
This happened to me too. The first week with bars was very gurgly and loose in that department. It has now settled down and although I am still loose at least I don't have problems with consipation. Also the wind has completely stopped and I now only go every other day.
I'm sure it will settle down in a couple of days.
Enjoy your high ...isn't ketosis a wonderful thing!
Well its official, I don't think I have ever suffered so much in my life ever!!! LOL

So until my tummy settles down (as I can cope with it at night when I'm home) I won't be eating the bars during my lunch hour at work, back to faffing with the shakes!!!

Don't suppose all this extra 'loss' will result in me losing a lb or 2 more will it??!?!?

Thanks so much for your replies! Its comforting to know it will calm down and if it doesn't, hey ho, I do enjoy the shakes so they will be just fine too.

At least my fruity flavoured water won't do me any harm!!!

Bride Joo xxx


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Apparently the LL water flavourings have a "natural" laxative effect. Or so we were advised when doing LL. When someone complained about feeling bunged up the LLC advised drinking more flavoured water. So perhaps the combination of the 2 gave you those effects
I still get really bad wind with the bars, and it is very hard to control- don't eat before meetings!
I had a really jippy tummy for the second and third weeks, but that settled down.


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I had a couple of the bars in week 1 when we were allowed them and had so much pain from them I had to return 1 and now I have this mental block and won't be trying another one for the rest of my time on LL, in fact in my group 4 of us have had the same thing to varying degrees. The water flavourings also make me very gurgly but not the pain and wind the bars did. I didn't think I had a sensitive stomach but am now thinking maybe I have an underlying problem like IBS and will definately listen to my body more when I start eating again.


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