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2010 - Year I get slim :)
I had the bars first time today... I tried the orange one... i liked that one :)

I put them in the fridge and then chewed on it in bits like sweets haha


2010 - Year I get slim :)
ah yer u will no point in having them if u dont like them :( at least yur trying something diff haha and yur CDC shud excahnge them for ya :p


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In every diet where there were bars I always found them dissappointing in taste. It's why I also skipped them on CD and just went for the shakes and porridge.


hoping for a good loss
I am not over keen on them, but I pop them in the freezer in about 30 pieces and that makes them a bit more bareable.

Is a case of I want something to chew lol so I put up with them

Peanut one is quite nice, but I like the cranberry one too


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It's always surprising that there are such divided opinions on the bars - I did all of my SS with Peanut bars - sometimes 2 a day and I loved them (and miss them!), yet others think they are the devil's own so it really is an individual thing but good on you for giving them all a go. Hope you find one that agrees with you as they do make for a bit of variety


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Hiya Numnums

I tried them all last week except cranberry and don't like them - can feel/taste the powdery mix coming through after few secs of chewing! I had to go back and swap mine halfway through week - am sticking to the shakes :) x


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Caramel's horrible. :) Weirdest taste in the world. But the malt toffee one's better. It took me quite a while to like cranberry, but oddly enough, I do now.

The peanut one is very... peanutty. And I quite like chocolate orange.

None of them are going to taste anything like Cadburys though, I'm afraid. I guess it's all the vitamins and minerals they have to add to make them meal replacements, rather chocolate bars, sigh.

Still, good job we don't all like the same flavours, otherwise our CDCs would never have enough in stock!

How's 810 going, by the way?


2010 - Year I get slim :)
I have just had my lunch now and I had a bar... I had the peanut crunch one for the first time.

I loved it... reminded me of Peanut Brittle yummy... :D


i love the peanut ones, my cdc didnt have any in stock last week but she said she will have some for when i go tommorow, and sadly, im a little too excited about this!! licking my lips as i type!


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heh - probably TMI, but I always found the cranberry ones to umm 'help things along' if I hadnt had a 'movement' for a little while :eek:

I quite liked them though, those and the chocolate ones nom nom !


Size 14 here i come!
Such mixed feelings, i am going to get my first weeks worth of products tomorrow and am trying to decide what i want. Can i have soups and bars in first week or just shakes?


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Only shakes, but you can have the porridge and tetra packs (they come in Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry - personally I think the Chocolate ones are LUSH).

After 2 weeks you can have the water flavours and the bars. :)


Size 14 here i come!
Oh no really, was so looking forward to the soup, lol
Thanks for reply Kate!


2010 - Year I get slim :)
You can have shakes and soups from week 1 mate :) That's what I had.. then now in week 4 i decided to have bars as well :)