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I'm going to place my order tonight & i can't decide if to go for the bumper soup pack..... although im not sure how i'll stomach the mushroom or chicken soups.... or the bumper shakes or the mixed bumper pack.

Just wondering what everyone thinks of the bars? Do they taste ok?

Ta :D
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I never liked the chicken soup on LT or CD but find the Exante on very nice.

The bars I find sickly sweet...no where as nice as the CD ones which I liked too much at times:eek:

The shakes are blander than CD not as sweet...I never liked the chocolate CD/LT one but I can take the Exante one okay.
I liked the choc orange bar but not the other one. Plus they were so chewy that my jaw would ache after eating one!
So I'm sticking to exante shakes and biggest loser bars :D
I like the bars, i find the biggest loser ones a bit....:jelous: the fudge style ones are weird and powdery, i couldnt eat it and i therefore wasted good money on them :cry:

The exante bars i find are the least chewy of the bars i have tried and are the only ones that havent made my jaw sore from chewing.

I cant stand tomato soup but i strangely like the exante tomato and basil soup and the veg and thai chicken soups i like too, although i havent plucked up the courage to try the mushroom one yet :eek:

I like all the exante shakes :D

To be honest i think you are best trying things and finding for yourself what you like and dislike, i have been really surprised what i have liked! Everyone is different and opinions on things vary quite a lot!


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I have to say I LOVE the Exante bars. I'm not a fan of the soups so I ordered a shake only pack for my 2nd month -I missed the bars so much & fell off the wagon so I ordered the bumper pack again. I'll put up the the soups if it means I get the bars :)
Thanks for all the replies.

Where do you buy the Biggest Loser Bars? I've not heard of them :eek:
I take it the carbs and calories etc much be pretty similar to the cambridge and exante bars then?

I have to confess i do like the CD choc orange bar & i like having it in the evening with a cup of coffee.... just kinda makes me feel a little normal.

I hated the mushroom CD shakes so thats why im a little unsure of ordering the mixed bumper pack.

Think im going to be a brave girl :D :giggle: and order the mixed pack. That way i can see if i prefer the shakes or the soups.... and see for myself which ones are nice and which makes make me wanna :9529:
Good plan :) I got my Biggest Loser bars from Tesco, im sure they would sell them in ASDA too.


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I have shakes and the Tesco ultra slim bars, which are cheaper and imo nicer than BL bars which are a bit strange...x
I have shakes and the Tesco ultra slim bars, which are cheaper and imo nicer than BL bars which are a bit strange...x
I agree with you on the bars but i find the Tesco ones super chewy. they make my jaw ache so can only eat half at a time which is the only reason i dont have them instead of my exante bars. They are a good price though :D


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I like the Exante bars and the Biggest Loser bars for different reasons. I tend to have the Exante ones when I am out as they don't melt, but I have the Biggest Loser ones when I am at home.

I ordered shakes only last time and I love them all, they are so creamy. I got tired of the soups as I am not really a 'soup person'.

I will, however have to go on to BL bars when I have finished my Exante ones, unless I want to spend a small fortune sending for those on their own next time.


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Jubbly said:
I have shakes and the Tesco ultra slim bars, which are cheaper and imo nicer than BL bars which are a bit strange...x
True that!!!

I don't like the strawberry milkshake at all! I don't so much mind the tomato n basil soup now I add curry powder n black pepper. X

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I hate the soups and have a months worth! I love all the sakes and the bars though.


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I can't find ultraslim bars at all! The only ones I can see in here are Slimfast bars...are they no good??? Anyone? Anyone? x


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I don't think your allowed the slim fast ones. Has to be protein based bars. Do they have the biggest looser bars? I always tend to buy mine from asda. X


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Oh boooo :( No Slimfast are the only ones here! I'll do without this week I guess, stick to the water and the shakes x Thanks though! Will try and source some of the others!


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Oh what about Promax bars? They seem to have orange chocolate ones here...They're in the fitness section though, but maybe?


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Oh, okay x Thanks! Don't want to risk anything...am walking on eggshells! :)

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