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How do you lot find the bars? A few people in my group who have been doing LL for longer than me said they find having a bar a day slows down their weight loss, do others find this? I am only beginning week 3 and I have to say I think as a previous binge eater I am starting to realise the sugar, junk food type feel to the bars brings the binger out in me so I may have to cut them out :( What are other peoples experiences with bars? xx
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I didn't find they slowed down my weight loss, though I can identify with what you're saying about them being potential triggers. I definitely got the munchies about an hour after a bar unless I had LOADS of water. I wondered about not having them as they're optional, but I liked them too much not to. I'm sure I posted on here on exactly that point actually - worrying that I liked them too much! I was trying to take a balanced view and see the food packs very neutrally, but bars were a borderline issue for me. How about cutting them out for a couple of weeks and see if that's easier for you?
Personally I tried to stay away from the bars as I found them too nice in a way, especially the cranberry one! I lost mostly 5lbs a week regardless though :)
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I dont find they affect my weight loss in the slightest. They got me through Total to be honest, nut fudge bars are awesome and I still plan to have one most days in maintenance. Nom! Lol. I do agree about them being a trigger potentially but I find that they stop me reaching for something "naughty" x

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Hi , I only buy a couple of bars a week, i find them useful if i am out and about , so easy to slip into your bag and avoids being caught out and being tempted to eat something i shouldnt. They are limited to one a day for a reason so as long as you stick to the rules i wouldnt think it would slow down your weight loss.
Ok, I may just get 2 next week, see if I can cope with that, if not try none for a few weeks. They are yum!! Plus I suppose I will at some point need to get used to yummy things without over doing it x
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Hi millie, i understand exactly where you are coming from. If you find you cant control it, then i used to have one bar after the class as my "weigh-in" treat? I would have it in the class as my dinner. I am back to lose the remaining 3 stone, so hopefully once I have shed a stone I'll be back to having a bar again once a week - cant wait! xx


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I limit myself to 4 each week and I have to admit that on the days I have them I am hungrier than normal. the liquid content of a shake or soup makes it much more filling. Last week i had four and still lost 5 pounds. I wouldn't have any more than that though.

You could try cutting them up into quarters and nibbling it over the course of the day. this works for me sometimes. other days i just wolf it down.


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I never found that they slowed down weight loss and had 10 or 12 a week for months, sometimes 14 - so frequently 2 a day. I think if they trigger you and that causes you to eat something, then yes that could slow down your loss, but otherwise I think it's a complete myth.

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