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  1. emmadebra

    emmadebra Full Member

    Morning all!

    Was just wondering when you can have the 'bars', not sure if I was reading week 2 or week 3?

    I hope I am going to be able to cope better on these as hating the soups and just about bearing the chocolate one-def not going to last more than a few weeks going on like this (I'm not even managing to finish the 3 in the day).:sign0137:

    Also I have a yeast allergy and was wondering if the bars contained yeast?


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  3. kers

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    Cambridge Diet
    The bars aren't reccommended till week 3 I think and only 1 a day. Just had a look at my bars for week 3 and as far as I can see there is no yeast in them. Maybe check with your CDC.x
  4. carolyn01

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    Hi Emma, Well i had a bar from day one as my counsellor knew i would struggle and i have 3 shakes too. My loss was 6 lb first week so not as high as some but i would rather have my bar as it helps fill you up. And drink lots of water, i try to drink 4 litres a day.

  5. I have had one bar a day from day 1 too. It's so much easier. I don't particularly like the soups or shakes either. I just have choc tetras and the bars. The tetras are nice as ice cream or a slushy shake. Might help to try something different?
  6. emmadebra

    emmadebra Full Member

    Thank you all. I might ask for some bars in next weeks batch!
  7. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

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    Have you tried having your shakes hot?
  8. emmadebra

    emmadebra Full Member


    God knows how I will get through this bank hold weekend, arg!
  9. oh dear...stick with it. Think of your packs as medicine....If we enjoyed them too much we'd just want more. I found I had to experiment a bit to find a way I could stomach the packs I still have the odd soup and very occasional shake as a mix a mousse. I have to have the soups watered down a bit. Hubby likes his soups thicker so we're all different. Maybe try making them in a different way. And are you using a blender? Just a thought cause they're horrible when they're all lumpy.
    Also my hubby likes the shakes made into a muffin...I don't particularly but you might like it.

    Hope this helps x
  10. emmadebra

    emmadebra Full Member

    I haven't got my blender yet so still having a few lumps in them but I will get one on the weekend, i reckon that may make a difference. Also I will try different ways and the different flavours and hopefully will find some I can put up with. I should imagine after a week it will be easier (well here hoping!).

    Hope I can make my first goal of getting through it for 4 weeks without cheating!
  11. Mini

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    I found soups very difficult to take at the beginning but you do get use to them later on.

    If you drink a glass of water before drinking your shake it will help dilute the taste and you can also divide your pack into two and have one half now and the the other later on....some have six mini meals instead of three but you must make up each fresh and use within 15 minutes in order to preserve the nutritional quality.

    The tetras are lovely cold from the fridge, some do find these easier to take.

    It may be difficult for you to believe just now...but eventually you won't taste the vitamins and minerals just the flavours...

    Love Mini xxx
  12. emmadebra

    emmadebra Full Member

    Hi Mini!


    I have learned that one quite quickly and I am splitting the packs so having 6 mini meals.

    Off to start the second one now, yum not lol
  13. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Full Member

    Don't worry the taste's do get better, and easier to deal with.

    I really dislike the soups, so just have shakes and tetra's although had my first ever bar today (week 12) and it was OK. If anything a bit too sweet:eek: Not something I'd ever think I'd hear myself say:D

    Have you tried doing things like having a vanilla shake hot with coffee powder in it as a latte? I do half vanilla/half cappucino with a spoon of coffee in it. That makes a really nice hot drink, as does the choc shake hot with coffee.
  14. emmadebra

    emmadebra Full Member

    Don't like coffee.

    I'm not that fussy generally really lol
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