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Happy Halloween everyone!

I had my first bar this morning (cranberry which was scrummy!) instead of a shake at about 10 am and I had my soup at about 1 pm, which is when I have been all this week, and for the first time this week I am really, really hungry (it's about 3 pm now). I'm knocking water back like there's no tomorrow to try to fill me up which will hopefully work soon.

I'm sure I read on here somewhere that there's a few more carbs in the bars so that can affect the hunger a bit more. Is that what's happening to me do you think?

I'm wondering now if I should save the bars for the evening then, perhaps last "dish of the day". When do other people have theirs?

Is this a regular occurrence when introduced to bars?

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Hi Debs

I can't remember if the bars made me hungry. Hang in there I find black coffee helps if I am feeling hungry.

Well done on your loss by the way.

Keep glugging the water.:tear_drop:;)


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i tell you what Skinny Debs, i started bars this week and wobbled.... and fell:tear_drop:, i was absolutley starving and i was in fat burning mode too, but i love the bars and tend to have them in the evening last thing at night, but the day it went all wrong for me i had it for lunch.
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I never noticed a difference with the bars....they didn;t affect my hunger one way or another, so I had them various times of day.

Everyone will react differently, so I would say try it at different times and find a pattern to suit.

I feel they are important to have - personally - for dental hygeine more then anything else. I abstained for 9 months, and I think to not chew anything solid for a great length of time is not a good idea.

I have heard of people on liquid diets that after a lengthy time found when food was returned, it was very difficult for them to swallow even...and that in some cases it was scary. Also, your gums need SOMETHING to stimulate them, and the bars provide a source of solids to do that.

The extra carbs should net be too much of a concern or they would not be included and reccomended in the diet. They alos provide fibre, which helps with, erm, well - you know.... ;)

Also - it could just be your chatterbox at work....so a bit of mind-over-matter kmight be helpful to employ.

Good luck!
Thanks for tips everyone - I'm going to try them this week in the evenings and stick with the soup and shakes during the day. I did have a good little routine going that seemed to work until Friday and I got by fine, so I'm going to back to that. The bar can be a treat at the end of the day.

I'd not thought about the chewing part and gums, etc which makes good sense.

Right - off to meet a friend in town for a coffee and a wander around Covent Garden. She'd suggested going for lunch and a drink (which in my real world is something I love doing at the weekend) but when I said I was doing this she said coffee and a wander was fine. She's actually moving to live in Gibraltar on Tuesday so one of my many incentives is that I'll be going to visit her next spring or summer and will be comfortable in a swimsuit or bikini!
They were a trigger for me too, as soon as i had one i wanted to eat!! and i 'fell off the wagon', im steering clear of them now.
i have my bars in the evenings around 7.30pm, something to look forward to and the evening is my 'dangerous' time! - I have shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, bar for evening and then shake at bed-time


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Debs, Just want to pick up on something you said. You said save it for a treat...I once said that to my LLC I took one cranberry bar and said I would treat myself with something sweet. She just looked at me and said "Food is not a treat" I was at first rather :mad: and then the more I thought about it the clearer what she was trying to get at became.

Have you bar because it is one of your meals, and enjoy it.

I don't mean to criticise or be negative just an observation and maybe something to think about.
i havent struggled too much but everyone is different i have them various times of day i would try them at night see if it makes a difference for you if not next week dont have them and see what affect that has


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I love the peanut and cranberry bars. I have them at night with a hot vanilla/choc drink. Its so yummy! However I sometimes I have them if im running abut and havent had anything since my morning shake. I dont know how people manage without bars, they are so handy for out shopping or on the go. Saying that i guess im lucky I havent found them to make me hungry or want more.

Go with what works for you!


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I always have hot toffee biscuits when I get home from work - it is my 'veg' time, so I have them with a coffee and watch Hollyoaks (sssshhhh, don't tell anyone!)... not tried having them in the day - they don't fill me up very much - so I don't think I'd have them as a meal - I feel more satisfied after a shake or a soup somehow.

A x
Thanks Tange - I understand what you're saying. I think that's much better thinking because it is part of my meal plan, so it's not a treat at all but something to enjoy!

I've gone back to my shake in the morning and soup for lunch and evening (about 7) and the bar about 9 and it has worked much better for me over the weekend and thankfully no more of that hungry feeling I had on Friday so I'm going to stick with that plan.

Oh I really like the peanut one too. I had the toffee one last night and really enjoyed that too.

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