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Wants to shed pounds more
The introduction of bars stopped me from coming off the diet. There are only so many shakes/soups you can endure without going totally barking mad and it was an absolute boon to have them. I have steadily lost weight with them being firmly in the plan - I would consume and enjoy if I was you :)

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I have been having the bars for two weeks now...I love them, and I have lost 9 lbs in that two week period. For me they are convienient when I am at work. You are limited to 1 a day. I have heard that some people feel that they slow their weightloss down, so I don't have 1 everyday I use them as a form of treat if you like cause I think they are yummy!:D


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I've had bars from week 1, my CDC did tell me I could lose less and getting into ketosis could take longer but I personally have had no problems with them. :) I lost 12lbs in my first week lol. Who knows how much it could've been, eh? :')

Some people are very sensitive to bars and they binge on them so do be careful with the bars.. you're only allowed 1 a day preferably not for the first 2 weeks..


oooh...I'm looking forward to this. I start Week 3 tomorrow! How many flavours are there and which are the best?

I could not cope without the Malt Toffee bars.... mmm mmmm... just like a finger of fudge!! I have one every night with a coffee at around 10 and thats the only thing that gets me through the evenings!

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mmmmmm they do sound nice. I could try adding 1 or 2 per week and see what happens (not allowed them yet tho)...they do seem quite chunky too!
I have found it very hard not to binge on the bars. I havent done it yet, but if I was going to (and there are times when I am tempted, although these times are getting less and less) then it would be the bars that did it. I can't say that they have stopped me losing weight or made me lose less though. x
i used to only buy 1 bar as a treat for wi day as if I had more in the house they would be calling me until i had eaten them ALL, they are very very moreish.lol.
I cant wait to try the bars.
Mmmmm!!! Half-way through my very first bar - Cranberry Crunch. How great is it to CHEW!?! I also got Peanut Crunch, Malt Toffee & Caramel...can't wait to try them!

I really do love (some of!) the soups, shakes and tetras, but I've really been missing chewing (how strange am I?!) AND they're all covered in chocolate, so i'm sure I'll feel like I'm treating myself :)

I think these will really help me out on CD, though I hope I fall into the camp of them _not_ affecting my weight reduction. 'Cos seeing the pounds come off really is the best incentive of all :)

I LOVE the bars..lol I'm having one a day at the minute!!
Sammy, have they affected your weight reduction? My CDC recommended me to not have one every day this week, until I see if they do. I wanted to try a variety though as I want to bring ones I enjoy back home so don't slip up beyond my planned Christmas meals (plus I'll need them for my long flights home too as the tetras are 200ml so won't be able to bring them on the plane :()

Well this is the first week I've had one a day so I'll let you know Thursday..lol
Oh I'm also much more active this week. I'm back at the gym and swimming so that might level it out??
It seems I am one of those who doesn't get on with the bars. I feel bloated and my stomach does somersaults when I have even a small bit of one! I have tried eating a bite at a time and consuming it throughout the day but even that didn't work... so I avoid them now. I'd rather not have the tummy trouble, but I'm one of what seems to be a select few who doesn't get on with them!

My cdc says they are fine on ss/ss+ or the higher plans but probably not on 810 as they are slightly higher in carbs and may be the difference between you staying in ketosis or not. You should be fine as long as you are not on 810 or have a low carb threshold. :)
I'm a one a day girl! I think that is the reason i am still on CD. It has been my saving grace! My weightloss hasn't been affecting...thank goodness!!! My fave is malt toffee!

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