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Erm, Hello,

I'm new to this and I'm a man, so forgive me. I'm on day 9 and have lost 12 lbs so far but I have a question regarding the bars. I have heard conflicting reports about how many you can eat in a day, some say one and some say two. Can anyone please clarify ???

Hiya bud

Great losses so far!

The answer is 1 bar a day

I thikn the advice is to limit the bars to one per day. One reason is the carb content which, for those who are very sensitive, can be sufficient to knock you out of ketosis.

Another reason is that more than one a day can make you produce enough wind to fly a kite! :eek:
(The embarrassed voice of experience speaking here!! lol)

A CDC should be along shortly to clarify further.
"I'm new to this and I'm a man, so forgive me."

Im sure we can forgive you for being a man :p

well done on the great weight loss so far. I second what russiandoll says. anymore than 1 bar a day and you could reach orbit lol. my hubby wants to know how someone who doesnt eat can trumpet in the bed so much :eek: :eek:

good luck on ur journey
Hey Karen, we could start our own CD band!! ;)

(Very strong wind section!)
LMAO....i imagine it'd be rather empty in Royal Albert Hall....