Basal Metabolic Rate, Diet to suit?

Jonny B

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Hey everyone,

I've calculated my BMR to be around 2700 calories, your BMR is how many calories your body will burn in the day if you were resting all day. So surely I use 3000 calories in the run of a day just by doing general day to day tasks?

That being said, what calorie intake should I be looking to have daily? I feel like 1500 calories may not be enough as I'm such a big chap, 6ft 4 - 20st. Could I bump up to 1750 calories and still expect to lose a decent amount of weight per week?

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I've used the BMR as a starting point for working out mine, but also know whats worked for me in the past.

I'd imagine you should have good losses on 1750, but you could probably afford to have more than that and it might be an idea to in case you need to reduce calories more later?

To lose 1 lb a week you would need (i think) a deficit of 3500 calories over the week - so thats 500 calories a day, less than you burn off. 2lbs a week is then 1000 calories a day less than you burn - but thats going off total activity rather than just saying 1000 less than your BMR, and I don't know how active you are.

I'm definitely no expert though, and being so more shorter than you I don't know how many you really do need and I'm sure someone else will be along to help you more soon :)


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Hi Johnny,
Not sure what the answer is but I have been measured on one of those whizzy electric scales that calculates your BMR and mine was 200 calories lower than I had estimated. Am doing all I can to pick it up again. This is the site I used it tells you how to calculate what calories you should have. Hope it helps.
Harris Benedict Equation