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Basal Metabolic Rate - Please help!!

Hi all, im after some help if possible.

I have been on a number of websites to try and work out my basal metabolic rate, so i can workout myself how many calories i need to lower to lose weight. All id like to do is lose 2lbs a week max and it seems that some websites say i have to lower my calories to about 1300 to lose even a lb then others say i have to eat 1600 and ill stil lose weight.

How do you lovely people work out your BMR and which is one the most reliable? I was eating 1,300 and i lost 3lbs, then the next week i stuck to that amount of calories and i put back on the 3lbs i lost back on again, and now my weight wont shift.

ive had a slight problem that if i go down to 1200 i go light headed and feel like im going to pass out which i have done before, and i dont have enough energy to even do exercise. All im after really to get down to 12 stone exactley or even 11 stone 13 and then see how i can maintain the rest.

Please help, its all confusing.
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Most people on here use My Fitness Pal.

There is a lot of variation on the BMR on the websites, I find MFP is rather low on the net calories as it is fitness based.

Boots diet site seems reasonably accurate.

I use the Scottish Slimmers system and on their plan for your current weight you would be eating 1325 cals/day.

It is sometimes down to the types of foods you spend your calories on rather than the amount you are eating.

A rough guide for maintenance is approx. 25 cals per kg of body weight.


Slimming down the aisle
Thankyou Tranquility -

That would explain a lot, as i use my fitness pal app to log my calories on. I may check out the scottish slimmers website.

ive done the calculations and if i was to lose 2lbs a week, id have to eat 1206 calories, so think i may have to aim to lose 1lb a week instead. :(

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